Nonprofit Administration Certificate Requirements

Core/Elective RequirementsCredits
Required Core
PUBADM 514 - Introduction to Nonprofit Management and Collaboration (3-credits)
PUBADM 517 - Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations (3-credits)
Elective Courses
Students must select nine credits from the electives listed below. Electives not included in this list must be pre-approved by the Certificate Coordinator before a student can apply them toward their degree progress.
DISPUT 500 - Basic Mediation Skills
MHLTHSCI 522 - Management for Health Professionals
MHLTHSCI 525 - Leadership for Health Professionals
PUBADM 500 - Administration in the Public Sector
PUBADM 511 - Decision-Making in Public and Nonprofit Management
PUBADM 513 - Economics of Public Policy
PUBADM 515 - Policy Implementation and Practice
PUBADM 516 - City-County Governance and Administration
PUBADM 518 - Introduction to Contract Management
PUBADM 532 - Grant Writing
PUBADM 550 - The Executive and the Administrative Process
PUBADM 560 - State and Local Government Administration
PUBADM 570 - Public Management Skills and Techniques
PUBADM 571 - Ethics In the Public Sector
Internship/Service Learning3
Total Credit Hours18

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