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Marilyn Shuler Human Rights Initiative

The Marilyn Shuler Human Rights Initiative offers educational opportunities on human rights as well as the advocacy skills for advancing them.

About the Initiative

Sparked by a gift from Idaho’s longtime human rights leader, Marilyn Shuler, to Boise State’s School of Public Service in 2017, the Initiative endeavors to offer:

  • An academic certificate program in human rights education and advocacy that will complement any academic major, so that students might integrate the advancement of human rights into their vocations and avocations.
  • Open opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and community members to learn about human rights issues and advocacy outside of the normal classroom through things such as teach-ins, panel discussions, speakers, and via support of events sponsored by others that do the same.
  • Collaborative opportunities and resources for people and groups doing human rights work on campus and in the community; the Shuler Initiative seeks to complement rather than compete with other groups doing good work on human rights.

For more information, please contact, Dr. Lisa Meierotto, the Initiative’s Faculty Advisor at:

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