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Surveys transcript

Hi everybody, Andy Giacomazzi here with Dr. Gregory Hill- he’s a professor in the School of Public Service and director of the Idaho Policy Institute and we are talking surveys today.

So we’re taking the classic elevator pitch to a whole new level, this is academics talking academics in elevators. You ready? Let’s do it. All right. Hey first question on a scale of one to five with one being not useful and five being very useful how do you score surveys? something people really should do their few things I like it I like it let’s get it one of the things I’m really curious about instead of seven why does the is I have a Policy Institute actually do surveys yeah that’s a great question so I don’t policy Institute’s mission is to be a resource for decision makers so our whole goal is figure out how we can provide more information to decision makers to make better decisions and part of that is providing public opinion research I like it what what benefits are there to surveys but there’s a lot of ways it can be used one that you can really look outside your own experiences to see what the public is looking at ah you know they can be concentrated we can look at how people feel about all sorts of policy issues you know how people are paying their employees for example we’ll be able to compare that data to other places good stuff how tall are you about 6 foot 17 just under the offices is there now right yeah you know I love the fact that I’ve heard this quite a bit but you have students involved in the writing of surveys the administration of surveys tell us a little more about that so in our in our masters programs our graduating students have to account class and they work with community partners and they create surveys they analyze the data they administer the whole thing and then they write really nice reports for our clients this is a great opportunity for students who really dig in and feel feel the power of survey research in their own lives and for the clients to get some really really valuable information I love it what’s your favorite national poll lights like Gallup poll because I can just think about these Gallup employees on their horses on the streets you know they auras answer my sir everybody loves every well as the Gallup poll that’s a good what are what are some interesting things that you’ve learned recently we have that statewide survey that you all conducted many interesting bodies there yeah to two really interesting findings one that people who live move to Idaho tend to look just like the people that are already here so if you last ten years of you moved here the same percentage say that they’re Republicans is the people who live for most of their lives the other interesting finding is that about 86 percent of the people support a hands-free policy a hands-free policy in their cars we asked a whole bunch of people that’s a thousand people if they tested and driven in the last three months and only 30% of better than doing it so yeah you know the safe driving is good at least they’re in support of various your Sam a nonprofit I’m a government entity and I’m interested in doing a survey maybe doing it with the Idaho Policy Institute was the process that it could use yeah they can retry it out to us on our website or they can come to us they can call or get ahold of us anyway we’ll we’ll do the whole process for helping with their research questions figure out what type of work they want done we’ll write the questions administer do the analysis provide them with a nice report and all inclusive before they can do the process with our students they want to do that as well okay well we were learned a lot about surveys just in this few minutes thank you so much great I’ve led you to appreciate it yeah let’s learn about let’s get out now that’s good and if the door would open them perfect I will figure that that when I we can just edit that in post-production that’ll be a problem – for our next episode of academics [ __ ] academics and elevators and it looks like it’s opening right now great here we go let’s do it Thanks after you