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Experiential Learning

Active learning engages our brains in sensory, cognitive and emotional ways that allow us to process and store more information. Experiential learning takes this process one step further and adds a reflective component that not only solidifies skills but begins to introduce students to critical thinking.  Volunteering at a food bank is active learning – reflecting on the need for a food bank and how the food is best distributed is experiential learning.

Bridging Learning to Careers

A recent survey indicated that 84% of SPS Students think about their career goals daily; 64% of our students report that achieving these goals is one of the utmost important things that Boise State can do for them. At the same time, a survey of Public Service employers indicated that attitude, the ability to express what they’ve learned and professionalism are the most important considerations to them when hiring new college graduates. Experiential learning is the bridge that joins student and employer expectations.

Experiential Learning at a Glance

Conflict ManagementCriminal Justice Environmental Studies Global Studies Military Science Political Science Urban Studies
Service Learning Required
Service Learning in Electives
Work with a Community Partner
Event with Course Credit
Field Trips
Internship Required
Study Abroad Alt Field School

Experiential and Career Learning Courses

The below courses allow students to learn through hands-on experiences and activities throughout the course that help prepare them for future careers. Students will have authentic opportunities to focus and reflect on their learning and skills related to the course.

Note: additional courses incorporate experiential practices but are not listed at this time. For instance, all internship courses are experiential learning.

ECL Courses Fall 2024

CJ 497Problem Oriented Policing in the CommunityLisa Growette Bostaph
CONFLICT 390Conflict ManagementBayard Gregory
CONFLICT 401NegotiationBayard Gregory
CONFLICT 402MediationBayard Gregory & Jennifer Poole
CONFLICT 494WorkshopAshley Nichols
ENVSTD 121Intro to the EnvironementMari Rice
ENVSTD 200Environmental Approaches and MethodsJillian Moroney
ENVSTD 300Environmental Management and AnalysisMari Rice
LEAD 495Leadership ExperienceHeidi Reeder/ Jeremy Graves
MILSCI101Introduction to the ArmyMike Kinsel
MILSCI201Applied Tactical LeadershipMike Kinsel
MILSCI301Adaptive Team LeadershipMike Kinsel
MILSCI401Developing Adaptive LeadersMike Kinsel
POLS 428Politics of ImmigrationJulie VanDusky
PUBADM 692MPA Capstone CourseBen Larson
SPS 100Experiences in Public ServiceMike Stefancic
SPS 297/497Leadership and Advocacy in actionAndy Giacomazzi
VIP 200,400,500 - 027Housing Opportunities for All VIPVanessa Fry & Krista Paulson