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Organizational Chart

Dean’s Office
Interim Dean: Andrew Giacomazzi
Interim Associate Dean, Jen Schneider
Sr. Business Manager: Megan Dupré
Assistant to the Dean and Associate Dean: Spencer Kelly
Dean’s Office Financial Technician: Lynelle Perry

Faculty and Research Directors
Amanda Ashley, Faculty Director
Lori Hausegger, Faculty Director
Brian Wampler, Research Director

Academic Programs
Criminal Justice, Laura King and Associated Faculty
Dispute Resolution: Ashley Orme
Environmental Studies: Emily Wakild and Associated Faculty
Global Studies: Isaac Castellano and Associated Faculty
Military Science: Lt. Col. John Hawbaker and Associated Faculty
Political Science: Michael Allen, Lori Hausegger and Associated Faculty
Public Policy and Administration: Luke Fowler and Associated Faculty
PhD in Public Policy and Administration, Ross Burkhart and Associated Faculty
Urban Studies and Community Development: Amanda Ashley, Jillian Moroney and Associated Faculty

Centers and Institutes
Andrus Center: John Freemuth and Danielle Trujillo
The Blue Review: Jen Schneider and Andrew Giacomazzi
Center for Idaho History and Politics: Vacant
Energy Policy Institute: Kathleen Araújo
The Frank Church Institute: Steven Feldstein, Garry Wenske and Chase Johnson
Idaho Policy Institute: Greg Hill, Vanessa Fry, Tasha Smagula
Shuler Human Rights Initiative: Jill Gill

Advising and Support Staff
Operations Manager: Wendy Wong
Management Assistant: Li Sperl
Sr. Academic Advisor: Amanda Boll
Academic Advisor: Dayana Breckenridge
Academic Advisor: Hayley Johnson
Events and Logistics: Julia Camilli
Program Support, Criminal Justice: Stephanie Moran
Program Support, Dispute Resolution: Zoe Newman
Program Support, Interdisciplinary Programs and Political Science Undergraduate: Valerie Hayes
Program Support, Military Science: Jenn Taylor
Program Support, Public Policy and Administration and Political Science Graduate: Leah Thompson
Senior Marketing and Promotions Coordinator: Jim Munkres