Organizational Chart

Dean’s Office
Interim Dean: Andrew Giacomazzi
Interim Associate Dean, Jen Schneider
Sr. Business Manager: Megan Dupré
Assistant to the Dean and Associate Dean: Spencer Kelly
Dean’s Office Financial Technician: Lynelle Perry

Faculty and Research Directors
Amanda Ashley, Faculty Director
Lori Hausegger, Faculty Director
Laura King, Research Director

Academic Programs
Criminal Justice, Lisa Bostaph, Laura King and Associated Faculty
Dispute Resolution: Brian Pappas and Associated Faculty
Environmental Studies: Emily Wakild and Associated Faculty
Global Studies: Brian Wampler and Associated Faculty
Military Science: Lt. Col. John Hawbaker and Associated Faculty
Political Science: Michael Allen, Lori Hausegger and Associated Faculty
Public Policy and Administration: Luke Fowler and Associated Faculty
PhD in Public Policy and Administration, Jen Schneider and Associated Faculty
Urban Studies and Community Development: Amanda Ashley, Jillian Moroney and Associated Faculty

Centers and Institutes
Andrus Center: John Freemuth and Katie Roberts
The Blue Review: Vacant
Center for Idaho History and Politics: Vacant
Energy Policy Institute: Kathleen Araújo
The Frank Church Institute: Steven Feldstein, Garry Wenske and Chase Johnson
Idaho Policy Institute: Greg Hill, Vanessa Fry, Tasha Smagula
Shuler Human Rights Initiative: Jill Gill

Advising and Support Staff
Operations Manager: Wendy Wong
Management Assistant: Li Sperl
Sr. Academic Advisor: Amanda Boll
Academic Advisor: Dayana Breckenridge
Academic Advisor: Hayley Johnson
Events and Logistics: Julia Camilli
Program Support, Criminal Justice: Stephanie Moran
Program Support, Dispute Resolution: Emily Sommer
Program Support, Interdisciplinary Programs and Political Science Undergraduate: Valerie Hayes
Program Support, Military Science: Jenn Taylor
Program Support, Public Policy and Administration and Political Science Graduate: Annika Galliani
Senior Marketing and Promotions Coordinator: Jim Munkres