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Honors, Spring 2020

Congratulations to SPS students on our honor roll!

Full-time undergraduate students are recognized on the dean’s list with the following designations:

  • Honors for a GPA of 3.50 to 3.74
  • High Honors for a GPA of 3.75 to 3.99
  • Highest Honors for a GPA of 4.00.

Dean’s Honor Roll

The following students have earned placement on the Dean’s Honor Roll for the Spring 2020 semester.

Hartkopp, Kylie RoseCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Roebuck, Lily RachelCriminal JusticeHonors
Albaugh, Taylor PaigeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Allred, HunterCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Antatico, JewelCriminal JusticeHonors
Attao, AllenCriminal JusticeHonors
Barrett, KatyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Barron, ShailynCriminal JusticeHonors
Becker, BrandonCriminal JusticeHonors
Bellamkonda, SunnyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Borba, SydneyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Brito, StephenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Brizuela, JosabethCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Brown, BenCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Brown, JordanCriminal JusticeHonors
Burkett, MeganCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Byrum, AudreyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Caton, KaylaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Cerbana, AlinaCriminal JusticeHonors
Cordell, JohnCriminal JusticeHonors
Costa, Christopher SargentCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Dao, AnnaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
DeHaas, Cody AaronCriminal JusticeHonors
Doran, BrandonCriminal JusticeHonors
Duff, DanCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Edwards, SydneyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Fear, AshlynCriminal JusticeHonors
Fridlund, CollinCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Fuller, LizCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Gabiola, NycoleCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Griffel, MikkiCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Grimmius, MelinnaCriminal JusticeHonors
Guasco, LukeCriminal JusticeHonors
Hackler, StephenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hannah, SarahCriminal JusticeHonors
Hillsbery, RebeccaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Howard, Brandon LeeCriminal JusticeHonors
Hultenius, BrandonCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Intrieri, MarissaCriminal JusticeHonors
Jacobs, ColeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Jensen, ChelcieCriminal JusticeHonors
Kanala, CambreeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Kirkpatrick, KatieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kobayashi, TrentCriminal JusticeHonors
Kuehl, KaelieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lambert, CarleeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Lester, CoryCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lettenberger, Olivia RoseCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Lewis, Conner JamesCriminal JusticeHonors
Lloyd, AllyCriminal JusticeHonors
Martinez, SelenaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
McDaniel, GabeCriminal JusticeHonors
Meech, JustinCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Mendoza, HannahCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Middleton, KierstenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Perkins, SeanCriminal JusticeHonors
Peterson, DanielleCriminal JusticeHonors
Peterson, Lauren CCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Petroski, Hailey belleCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Pixley, LaurenCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Porter, AllisonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Potts, Kelsey ACriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Ratermann, RyanCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Redlin, MaddyCriminal JusticeHonors
Reid, KyleCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Roggy, Gabriela GiaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Ronay, MichaelCriminal JusticeHonors
Rusk, ArielCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Ruth, SamanthaCriminal JusticeHonors
Sanchez, SelenaCriminal JusticeHonors
Sands, AlexCriminal JusticeHonors
Sargenti, JustinCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Schneider, Tristan Gene`Criminal JusticeHonors
Sharp, JordanCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Shumar, Maggie LynnCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Strough, DawnCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Syljuberget, LukeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Symonette, ShaianneCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Thyer, AidenCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Toliver, BrynnCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Townsend, CodiCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Tucker, AlyssaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Uhler, JacyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Varvel, BaileyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Vitello, JessicaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Walsh, EmilyCriminal JusticeHonors
Webster, NoahCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Wenger, JesseCriminal JusticeHonors
Wilcox, CooperCriminal JusticeHonors
Willis, KiraCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Young, LiamCriminal JusticeHonors
Zickefoose, GavinCriminal JusticeHonors
McCartney, Maggie AnnCriminal JusticeHonors
Ancheta, JoeyCriminal JusticeHonors
Apuan, JustinCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Atwood, LaurenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Bahena, OscarCriminal JusticeHonors
Barnes, Raeven BlairCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Barrett, BrenanCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Beltran, YadiraCriminal JusticeHonors
Bohl, EmmaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Brown, Kyle DavidCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Butcher, BaileyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Butler, Makayla MaeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Byers, Gavin NolanCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Catton, Grace RoseCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Ceriani, EllaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Conner, MadisonCriminal JusticeHonors
Davenport, Cade MCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Duncanson, Kade MarshalCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Eisenberg, RileyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Everett, ElleCriminal JusticeHonors
Fahnstrom, MimiCriminal JusticeHonors
Fielder, ChristopherCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Finnecy, ElizabethCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Funke, MadisonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Gordy, AlanaCriminal JusticeHonors
Hahlbeck, KassandraCriminal JusticeHonors
Hamilton, Lucas DavidCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Harmon, GiaCriminal JusticeHonors
Harris, Sophia KimCriminal JusticeHonors
Helt, ColinCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Henry, Peyton GladeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Herrenschmidt, SydneyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hitesman, Janee AnnCriminal JusticeHonors
Hobbs, MargaretCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Impomeni, VictoriaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Johns, CaitlinCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Jones, Evan RobertCriminal JusticeHonors
Kacijancic, Spencer SCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Karcher, Karlee AnnCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kay, RyanCriminal JusticeHonors
Kuhlman, AbbeeCriminal JusticeHonors
Lackie, MaddyCriminal JusticeHonors
Land, KristoferCriminal JusticeHonors
Linne, IzzieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lobel, MadelynCriminal JusticeHonors
Manning, NickCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Matesi, Ellie NicoleCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
McCabe, SydneyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
McFarland, AlekCriminal JusticeHonors
McMahon, OliviaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Menzie, ParkerCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Mills, Olivia MaeCriminal JusticeHonors
Milward, MaddieCriminal JusticeHonors
Moats, HannahCriminal JusticeHonors
Montgomery, AllieCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Morris, Kelsi AnneCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Mounce, HarlieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Needham, ChetCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Nielsen, AlexCriminal JusticeHonors
Oliver, Maliah AlanaCriminal JusticeHonors
Parke, AllieCriminal JusticeHonors
Parkinson, BradenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Reed, Vivien EdenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Richard, KatrinaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Rogers, Jared sCriminal JusticeHonors
Ryan, BrandyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Sandstrom, MaKennaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Shoemaker, MarLeeCriminal JusticeHonors
Simons, LeahCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Smith, DannyCriminal JusticeHonors
Stampfli, HunterCriminal JusticeHonors
Stephens, MackinseyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Suhr, Madison MCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Tweedy, TarynCriminal JusticeHonors
Van Ness, EmilyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Vernay, VincentCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Webb, GarrettCriminal JusticeHonors
Young, KaneCriminal JusticeHonors
Zak, KelsieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Adams, Jennifer RyanEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Alati, Isabelle SEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Alcaraz, ElizabethEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Ball, ZoeyEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Ballew, GarrettEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Barrett, HannahEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Basa, Erica KEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Bates, JohnEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Bouley, BeccaEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Breilh, SarahEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Burks, Aaron JohnEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Cahill, SeanEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Carignan, AaronEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Carter, BenEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Cesca, AndrewEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Cota, DominiqueEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Cutburth, BrisynEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Dobrzyn, Emily ElizabethEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Egelston, MackenzieEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Garner, DanielEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Gendreau, MadelineEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Gonzalez, MicaelaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Grimsted, Amanda MarieEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Hill, EmmaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Hill, HaleyEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Hill, Hannah DanielleEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Ho, MihanaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Johnson, DylanEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Kidd, MariahEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Knudson, TylerEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Lambert, JessicaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Lauritzen, ErikEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Layton, JessEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Lindsey, Rachel AEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Littlewing, Jaya TrinityEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Lukehart, Dustin DouglasEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Lynch, HaileyEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Mapes, JackEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
McCarty, ZoeEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Molis, AlyssaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Monk, JacksonEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Moore, AmandaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Neill, Haley ElizabethEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
O'Brien, ClareEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
O'Connor, RileyEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Patrick, Olivia AEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Person, JordinEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Pickens, IanEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Rahier, Abigail RoseEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Rebata, GabriellaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Rogers, Karla GEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Sargis, TaysonEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Scott, Emily ClairEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Skelton, AlessaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Smith, DallasEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Smith, LandrieEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Soderberg, ClaireEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Symmes, MelissaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Szeles, MaggiEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Vaage, ClaireEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Vail, ParkerEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Vinsonhaler, Lyon PaulEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Von Lanken, MckennaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Warneke, Liza AnneEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
White, RayEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Zafiris, Tyler S.Environmental StudiesHonors
Aiello, ParkerGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Arseneau, MeganGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Black, AshleyGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Carter, LiamGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Carter-Cram, KateGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Chinabalire, Elvine AngelineGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Estrella, YasminGlobal StudiesHonors
Fraczek, Grace DarrynGlobal StudiesHonors
Geffon, BenGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Harelson, LiaGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Henderson, AnnikaGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Her, Emily CGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Hofmann, MaggieGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Kinard, AllisonGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Liquin, PaigeGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Liquin, Payton JaeGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Lujan, SydneyGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
McDonald, EllieGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Mcgee, NoahGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Morgan, AbigailGlobal StudiesHonors
Muhumed, AhmedGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Pape, Emily RuthGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Priddy, Grace MarieGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Ruffing, DaniGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Tyau, StaciLeimomiGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Wall, JasmineGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Wieseler, RylieGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Allen, Tyler LukePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Banks, RyannPolitical ScienceHonors
Barath, Tibor RobertPolitical ScienceHonors
Bell Taylor, Brendan ConarPolitical ScienceHonors
Bennett, JackiePolitical ScienceHonors
Bjerke, HattiePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Bohannan, AlexPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Brock, GracePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Brown, BrysonPolitical ScienceHonors
Buller, ChadPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Bustillo, XimenaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Campbell, ThomasPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Coleman, Kylie RyanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Coll, NoahPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Conway, CooperPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Corza, CristianPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Critchfield, Brighten BellePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Cruces, NataliaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Curtis, MasonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Dassinger, Rakel JuliaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Davenport, TylerPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Davis, Makenzie DPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
DeSantis, Gianna NicolePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Doherty, Chase O'BrienPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Durkin, KatiPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Dwello, StuartPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Ehle, KalliPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Franklin, EthanPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Frazier, NathanPolitical ScienceHonors
Fuller, LizPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Gereg, AndrewPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Gilman, AveryPolitical ScienceHonors
Gordon, VeronicaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Greene, BenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Gregg, MadelinePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Haidara, CheikhPolitical ScienceHonors
Hajek, ErinPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hall, MattPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Hardenbrook, ScottPolitical ScienceHonors
Harmer, NicolePolitical ScienceHonors
Hawkins, SpencerPolitical ScienceHonors
Hazel, HanahPolitical ScienceHonors
Heaton, PriscillaPolitical ScienceHonors
Hoffman, JohnPolitical ScienceHonors
Holly, AmyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Humphreys, ChadPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Hyde, MattPolitical ScienceHonors
Julian, Matthew JPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Keller, KlairPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Krone, BrennaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Kurtin, AlliePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Kyryll, KyryloPolitical ScienceHonors
LaPlace-Iversen, JoHannaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Lavarias, JacobPolitical ScienceHonors
Lords, AndrewPolitical ScienceHonors
Magana, Karla MelissaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Manning, Kaylee ElizabethPolitical ScienceHonors
McCallie, SamPolitical ScienceHonors
McCallum, DylanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
McDonald, Olivia PPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Medellin, TayanaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Menting, Brenna LeeannPolitical ScienceHonors
Miller, McNay JillainePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Mireles, ZephaniaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Morales, PedroPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Morfin, BrianaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Morrison, KellyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Morrison, ThomasPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Naramore, Samuel JacobPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Nemeroff, KeriPolitical ScienceHonors
Nunes, PeytonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Oddo, Alison CorenePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Odell, CaePolitical ScienceHonors
Player, JoshPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Price, LibbyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Rauenhorst, KatherinePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Reisenauer, KylePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Richmond, Reese MoniquePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Rojas, OmarPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Ryan, AlexPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Sanchez, SelenaPolitical ScienceHonors
Shepherd, ValerynPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Shuman, KylePolitical ScienceHonors
Sisler, Janae NicolePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Staley, IsabellaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Sundstrom, KatelynPolitical ScienceHonors
Szeles, MaggiPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Taylor, Liandra Prantanporn LynnPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Tirado, AlinaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Torres, Sabrina KPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Townsend, EthanPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Trafelet, KaleighPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Triplett, Braden MichaelPolitical ScienceHonors
Tsui, AlanPolitical ScienceHonors
Van Maren, KimberlyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Vickers, ClaytonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Wardle, AshleyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Watkins, JJPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Wessel, GarrettPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
White, MadisonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Wilcox, MaKayla ElizabethPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Wilson, AllenPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Woodyard, Aryana CelestePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Fisk, ShelbyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Thornburg, NathanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Barath, Tibor RobertPolitical ScienceHonors
Escobar, StacyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Fielder, ChristopherPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Gipe, AmandaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Hackler, StephenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Humphreys, ChadPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Milward, MaddiePolitical ScienceHonors
Murphy, Lucy APolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Sirhall, Bailie CarolinePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Stammetti, Brianna EPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Stephens, MackinseyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Sundstrom, KatelynPolitical ScienceHonors
Turner, KrystalPolitical ScienceHonors
Ballenberg, BrookePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Borba, SydneyPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Byrd, MichaelPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Byrum, AudreyPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Ceriani, EllaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Donato, Rylie MoranPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Dumpel, KylePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Dwello, StuartPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Gipe, AmandaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Gordon, VeronicaPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Gresham, Samantha NikolePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Henderson, MaddiePublic Policy & AdminHonors
Hershberger, JuliaPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Hillsbery, RebeccaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Johns, CaitlinPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Karcher, Karlee AnnPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Kinard, AllisonPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Kobayashi, TrentPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Koch, RachelPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Land, KristoferPublic Policy & AdminHonors
LaPeters, JenniPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Lloyd, AllyPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Mak, KevinPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Meech, JustinPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Montgomery, AlliePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Morris, Kelsi AnnePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Mosich, JordanPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Navvab-Safavi, PatriciaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Oddo, Alison CorenePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Phelps, JadynPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Pillman, EmilyPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Pixley, LaurenPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Porter, AllisonPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Sommerfeld, MarissaPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Stammetti, Brianna EPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Sundstrom, KatelynPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Toliver, BrynnPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Vandemoere, KiraPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
VanderMolen, BrookePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Vanus, AmyPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Vella, AllyPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Wright, KatiePublic Policy & AdminHonors
Whittaker, EmmySchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Bauer, EvaSchool of Public ServiceHonors
Brown, DawnaSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Davidson, NikkiSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Hunter, BlakeSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Kanala, CambreeSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Priddy, Grace MarieSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Ryan, AlexSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Vander Poel, JackieSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Boston, ZacharyUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
Byrd, MichaelUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Hayes-Fugal, Seth RandallUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
Long, WillUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Mberwa, ArbayUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
McInally, KatieUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Stearns, SarahUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Woodhouse, SamUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Wright, KatieUrban Studies & Community DevHonors