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Lindquist Policy Research Group


About us and our work

The Lindquist Policy Research Group – LPRG – is a hands-on research community in the School of Public Service focused broadly on the intersection between policy and science and technology. Our research “laboratory” is an incubator for the collaborative interdisciplinary relationships necessary to address today’s most complex and dynamic policy issues and challenges, from climate change, to automation and artificial intelligence, Big Data, and the use of science in decision- and policy making. The LPRG asks questions about how to leverage basic scientific research for better informed policy decisions, greater stakeholder engagement, and forward looking policy development at local, regional and national and international scales.

Our research is collaborative, interdisciplinary, theoretically driven and rigorously empirical and methodological. We seek to connect fundamental policy research to communities’ needs, translating basic research into applied solutions and practices.

The purpose of the LPRG extends beyond research. By fostering an inclusive and engaged community that connects students, faculty, funding agencies, and stakeholders, the LPRG acts as a seed bed for fruitful interdisciplinary collaborations and lasting research partnerships that address the pressing societal issues of the day.

Visit our director and staff page.

Current Research Projects

The Group currently has research projects funded by NASA, the National Science Foundation, the Idaho Space Grant Consortium, the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, and the Idaho Department of Lands.

Current Initiatives

  • VIP education/research program on Big Data in the Public Sector
  • Curriculum development in the new SPS Urban Studies program. Dr. Lindquist will be teaching URBAN 200 in the fall 2017 and spring 2018 semesters and developing upper division courses.


If you are interested in working with us, have questions about our current projects, or are interested in collaborating or funding our research, please contact:

Dr. Eric Lindquist, Associate Professor, School of Public Service, Boise State University

Student opportunities

The LRPG supports undergraduate and graduate students on our funded research projects. Students may also apply for the regular SPS Graduate Research Assistant positions and request assignment with the Group. Please contact us for about our openings. Dr. Lindquist is also available as a graduate student advisor and committee chair/member and has served on disciplinary and interdisciplinary student committees.