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Global Studies

What is Global Studies?

Boise State’s Global Studies program offers a balanced core of courses in the humanities and social sciences. A Global Studies degree prepares students for graduate programs in numerous fields.

What can I do with this degree?

  • A Global Studies major prepares students to work in any field such as international business, law, government and non-governmental service, social services, natural sciences, health fields and education.
  • Global Studies fosters the development of skills that are highly prized in the global workforce, such as cross-cultural sensitivity, analysis of historical context, and ability to work in multiple languages.

What kind of real-world experience will I receive?

Service learning, study abroad, and internships open paths to careers. Learning a world language is an integral component of this degree program.

Potential Careers Include:

  • Attorney
  • Cultural Anthropologist
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Geographer
  • Humanitarian Relief
  • Import/Export Agent
  • International Trade
  • Interpreter
  • Museum and Cultural Arts
  • Travel and Tourism
  • United Nations Officer
  • World Health Organization Officer

Design your Degree

The Global Studies degree allows students to structure their own distinctive global learning experience by choosing from options within the following program components:

  • World Language
  • Area of Emphasis
  • Regional Focus
  • Experiential