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LEAD Program

What is the LEAD Program?

The LEAD certificates help students learn to work effectively with others and solve problems while making a difference in their community. Two certificates are offered. They are open to all majors. Students can choose between fully online or in-person options.

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Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations

The Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations is an on-campus, 16-credit program designed for students who are interested in dynamic experiences and projects that allow them to practice new leadership skills and gain immediate feedback from a supportive community of faculty and peers. Integrating the fields of leadership and personal development, the certificate program approaches leadership as a personal and relational process. Regardless of academic major, students will be primed to be high-integrity change agents in their discipline and in the world.

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Certificate in Applied Leadership: Growing into a High-Impact Leader

Growing into a High-Impact Leader is a fully online, 12-credit program designed for non-traditional students or working adults who want to augment their current professional and leadership skills. Each course is packed with perspectives and activities students can immediately put to use where they work and live. The primary focus of this program is “you,” and is best suited for students interested in self-reflection and professional growth. Regardless of academic major, individuals will gain deep insight into the challenges facing today’s leaders, will hone their own leadership style to address these challenges, and will connect with like-minded people.