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Energy Policy Institute

About the Institute

The Energy Policy Institute is dedicated to advancing energy policy and decision-making through an evidenced-based approach that is grounded in social and technical understanding of energy systems change. From clean and secure energy to resilient and affordable energy systems, EPI’s focus is on interdisciplinary research, advising, collaborative engagement, and training. EPI’s cross-cutting approach leverages strengths in policy, science, engineering, management and economics.

EPI focuses on policy-relevant challenges and opportunities in energy, through research, advising, convening, neutral facilitation, testimony preparation and training, aiming to enhance how energy is approached and utilized through work on social, technical, and economic aspects with policymaker, students, communities, and members of industry.

EPI employs a multi-disciplinary and evidence-based approach to energy transitions, informing public and private sectors in the west and beyond. As the policy body of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES), EPI leverages the expertise of a team and collaborators to foster innovation for future energy systems.