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The Blue Review

About the Blue Review

The Blue Review promotes scholarship in the public interest. It publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed work by academics and public intellectuals with the goal of reaching and serving the broader public. We strive for independence, transparency, and collaboration and set high editorial standards. The Blue Review is a project of the Boise State University’s School of Public Service, embracing the university’s public affairs mission.

In 2020, the Blue Review launched two new special series:

Coronavirus Conversations seeks to document and reflect on the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. The series includes articles from Boise State students, faculty, visiting academics as well as community members.

On Racial Justice features publications from students, faculty, and community members who seek to further our understanding of systemic racism, social injustice, and policymaking.

Like previous special series Homelessness Colloquy and Perspectives on Civility, these new series seek to take a deeper look at the important issues of the day.

Our Scholarship

Examples of Blue Review’s popular scholarship include:

Landscapes, Wonders, and Dustups: The Federal Public Lands – John Freemuth and Mackenzie Case, Boise State

NATO, Allies and Military Defense – Michael Allen, Boise State

Don’t California My Idaho? – Jeffrey Lyons, Boise State University

Boise’s Forgotten Pandemic – Todd Shallat, Boise State

John F. Kennedy: Prince of American Progressivism – Stephen F. Knott, Naval War College