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Spring 2021 Honor Roll

Congratulations to SPS students on our honor roll!

Full-time undergraduate students are recognized on the dean’s list with the following designations:

  • Honors for a GPA of 3.50 to 3.74
  • High Honors for a GPA of 3.75 to 3.99
  • Highest Honors for a GPA of 4.00.

Dean’s Honor Roll

The following students have earned placement on the Dean’s Honor Roll for the Spring 2021 semester.

Abdelnaby, OmarPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Adams, MeganPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Adams, NaneaGlobal StudiesHonors
Aiello, ParkerGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Aiello, ParkerPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Albaugh, Taylor PaigeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Alcaraz, ElizabethEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Allen, Tyler LukePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Allred, HunterCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Alvarez, KevinPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Anderson, KaylynGlobal StudiesHonors
Angelot, LaurenCriminal JusticeHonors
Antatico, JewelCriminal JusticeHonors
Arvin, KatieCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Atwood, LaurenCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Aylward, VictoriaCriminal JusticeHonors
Babcock, BeauPolitical ScienceHonors
Badostain, AshleyPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Bahena, OscarCriminal JusticeHonors
Ball, ZoeyEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Ballenberg, BrookePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Ballew, GarrettEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Banks, RyannPolitical ScienceHonors
Barnes, Raeven BlairCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Barrett, BrenanCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Barrett, HannahEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Barrett, KatyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Barta, ErinCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Basa, Erica KEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Bauer, EvaSchool of Public ServiceHonors
Beasley, Susan ElysePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Becker, Brandon RussellCriminal JusticeHonors
Bellamy, KaitlynPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Bellamy, KaitlynPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Benisek, LindseyGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Berendts, Elizabeth HelenSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Bernard, RyanPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Bingham, Julia ECriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Bjerke, HattiePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Blackwell, Jackson ScottPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Bohannan, AlexPolitical ScienceHonors
Bottarini, AllieEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Bozarth, RylieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Bozarth, RyliePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Breilh, SarahEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Brendefur, RachelSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Brito, StephenCriminal JusticeHonors
Brock, GracePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Brollier, HenryGlobal StudiesHonors
Brosnan, MaggieCriminal JusticeHonors
Brown, Kyle DavidCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Bryngelson, KyleeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Bulovsky, CarmenPolitical ScienceHonors
Burgert, GracePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Burks, Aaron JohnEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Burks, Adam JeremyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Butcher, BaileyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Butcher, BaileyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Butler, Makayla MaeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Cahill, SarahPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Cahill, SeanEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Campbell, LindsayPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Campbell, LindsaySchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Campbell, NathanielUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Carrillo, Brenda GCriminal JusticeHonors
Carter-Cram, KateGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Catton, Grace RoseCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Cepeda, AlyssaEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Ceriani, EllaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Ceriani, EllaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Chinabalire, Elvine AngelineGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Christensen, Brianna NicolePolitical ScienceHonors
Clauer, KatiePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Cleverly, DayvisCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Clifton, Ashley MariePublic Policy & AdminHonors
Coleman, Connar GloriPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Coleman, GraceCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Conway, CooperPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Cope, Harley RPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Cordell, JohnnyCriminal JusticeHonors
Cornell, TimPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Correa, Sarah EPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Cota, DominiqueEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Cota, DominiquePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Covert, CydneySchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Covey, MeredithUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Critchfield, Brighten BellePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Croft, JordynPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Cruces, NataliaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Dao, AnnaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Dassinger, Rakel JuliaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Davenport, Cade MCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Davenport, TylerPolitical ScienceHonors
Davidson, NicoleSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Davis, BrookeEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Davis, Makenzie DPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Davison, KatelynUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
DeHaas, Cody AaronCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Delaney, TabithaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Delmas, AbbyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
DeLong, AlexisCriminal JusticeHonors
DeSantis, Gianna NicolePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Dey, KaliPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Dodge, EmilyCriminal JusticeHonors
Doherty, Chase O'BrienPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Dominiak, Luke ChristopherPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Dryer, Julia SimoneGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Dudum, ChaseGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Dumpel, KylePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Duncanson, Kade MarshalCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Dwello, StuartPolitical ScienceHonors
Dwello, StuartPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Egelston, MackenzieEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Eggleston, JaxenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Ehle, KalliPolitical ScienceHonors
Eisenberg, RileyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Eisenberg, RileyPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Escobar, StacyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Estrella, YasminGlobal StudiesHonors
Everson, LeifEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Fahnstrom, MimiCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Fesperman, Cheryl LynnPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Fielder, ChristopherCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Fielder, ChristopherPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Finch, LiliCriminal JusticeHonors
Finigan, EmmaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Finnecy, ElizabethCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Flake, AmmonPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Fleenor, CodyEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Foncannon, CanaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Fraczek, Grace DarrynGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Franklin, EthanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Frazier, NathanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Fuller, LizCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Fuller, LizPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Fuller, LizSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Funk, JennaEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Garcia, KalebCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Garcia, SkylarCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Garcia, VictoriaGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Garner, DanielEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Gaytan, IsabelCriminal JusticeHonors
Gendreau, MadelineEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
George, Cameron KathleenPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Gisler, JohnCriminal JusticeHonors
Gomez, AbbyCriminal JusticeHonors
Gomez, Micah PlacidoPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Gopp, DillonCriminal JusticeHonors
Gosney, PaigePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Gove, MakenaUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Grainger, GavinEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Gravett-Arnold, WillowPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Grimmius, MelinnaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Grimsted, Amanda MarieEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Guasco, LukeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Habetler, RyanCriminal JusticeHonors
Hajek, ErinPolitical ScienceHonors
Hall, KristinPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Hallroan, Mackenzie JCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hamel, Andrew StewartPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hamilton, Lucas DavidCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hansen, MadisonCriminal JusticeHonors
Harelson, LiaGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Harmon, GiaCriminal JusticeHonors
Harrington, JakePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hart, ChasePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hartkopp, Kylie RoseCriminal JusticeHonors
Harwood, KelleePolitical ScienceHonors
Hauger, DaniPolitical ScienceHonors
Hazel, HanahPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Heiman, Morgan AbigalPolitical ScienceHonors
Helt, ColinCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Heninger, AnaelysseCriminal JusticeHonors
Her, Emily CGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Herling, NicolePolitical ScienceHonors
Herold, RobertPolitical ScienceHonors
Herrenschmidt, SydneyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Hess, JakeUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
Hill, EmmaEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Hill, EmmaUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Hill, HaleyEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Hillsbery, RebeccaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Hillsbery, RebeccaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Hines, Megan TaylorCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Hobbs, MargaretCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Hoffman, JohnPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hoffman, KaidenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hoffman, QuinnCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Holbert, Hailee MaeEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Holly, AmyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Horak, MaddyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hughes, JohnPolitical ScienceHonors
Hultenius, BrandonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Humphreys, ChadPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hunsuck, ZacharyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hurd, Mitchell AlexanderPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hurst, AlisonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hutchins, JordynCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Impomeni, VictoriaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Ison, MatthewPolitical ScienceHonors
Jakomeit, Mackenzie JordanCriminal JusticeHonors
Jenkins, PaytonPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Joelner, CamilleCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Johnson, Amy KayEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Johnson, Grace CEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Johnson, KyleePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Jones, CarterPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Jones, Emma RoseCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Jones, JuliannCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Julian, Matthew JPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Kacijancic, Spencer SCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kafka, Jordyn CarolineCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kanala, CambreeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Kanala, CambreeSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Karcher, Karlee AnnCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Karcher, Karlee AnnPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Keller, MatthewEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Kenning, MatthewCriminal JusticeHonors
Khayat, FrankieEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Khayat, FrankieSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Kirby, MaddyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kleven, Jack JosephPolitical ScienceHonors
Knapp, BenjaminSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Knudson, TylerEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Koch, RachelPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Koch, ToriSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Kochergin, NickCriminal JusticeHonors
Kochergin, NickPolitical ScienceHonors
Kriegh, Shelby LynnePublic Policy & AdminHonors
Kuehl, KaelieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kurtin, AlliePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Lackie, MaddyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lagos Sosa, Valeria MariaGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Lambert, CarleeCriminal JusticeHonors
Land, KristoferCriminal JusticeHonors
Land, KristoferPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Land, KristoferUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
Landers, Merissa LPolitical ScienceHonors
Landers, Merissa LSchool of Public ServiceHonors
Lansford, KaitlynPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Lanza, NicholasEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Layton, JessEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Lee, RainaEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Lee, RainaGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Lehner, CarolinePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Leick, KaelynnCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Leon, EduardoCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lepore, RoryEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Lester, CoryCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Lieberman, EricPolitical ScienceHonors
Lindsay, Skye ElizabethPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Linne, IzzieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Liquin, PaigeGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Liquin, Payton JaeGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Littlejohn, HayleyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Littlejohn, HayleyPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Lomeli, DavidCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lomeli, DavidPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Lopez-Duran, ArmandoCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lowary, BraidanEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Lucas, Clarissa NaomaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Lujan, SydneyGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Lycas, GraceCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lyle, MaggieCriminal JusticeHonors
Lynch, HaileyEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
MacLaren, EricaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Magnaghi, EmmaPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Magnuson, SarahPolitical ScienceHonors
Mandura, SaraCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Manning, Kaylee ElizabethCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Manning, NickCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Mansoor, KateyCriminal JusticeHonors
Mapes, JackEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Mares, Kelly MadisonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Mares, Kelly MadisonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Marosvari, AllyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Marr, DaltonPolitical ScienceHonors
Mazur, KimberlyEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
McCabe, SydneyCriminal JusticeHonors
McCallie, SamPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
McCormack, AleePolitical ScienceHonors
McCoy, MattCriminal JusticeHonors
McDonald, EllieGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
McDonald, ElliePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
McFarland, AlekCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Mcgee, NoahGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
McGrath, Anna ElizabethCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
McGrorty, GraceGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
McGurkin, KellenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
McMullin, TaylorPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Medders, Brooke NCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Medina, Madison GabriellePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Meech, JustinCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Menting, Brenna LeeannPolitical ScienceHonors
Meyers, RobynPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Middleton, KierstenCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Miles, Denali AEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Milward, MaddieCriminal JusticeHonors
Milward, MaddiePolitical ScienceHonors
Monk, JacksonEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Montgomery, AllieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Montgomery, AlliePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Moore, AmandaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Moore, GabriellePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Morris, CambriaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Morris, Kelsi AnneCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Morris, Kelsi AnnePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Morrison, ThomasPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Mulvihill, Samantha NicolePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Murphy, Lucy APolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Myers, Joshua RobertCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Napoli, NickUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Navarro, YeseniaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Navvab-Safavi, PatriciaPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Needham, ChetCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Nees, JeslynPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Nielsen, AlexCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Nolen, Jacob PatrickCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Norman, BillyCriminal JusticeHonors
Novich, MontanaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Nunes, PeytonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Nunez, Kera AdileneCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Nunez, Kera AdilenePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Nunez, ReynaldoCriminal JusticeHonors
Nutting, CannonCriminal JusticeHonors
O'Connor, SydneyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Oddo, Alison CorenePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Oddo, Alison CorenePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Oliver, Maliah AlanaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Olson, PaigeCriminal JusticeHonors
Osendorf, Presley ECriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Palic, BentleyCriminal JusticeHonors
Palic, KianaCriminal JusticeHonors
Patterson, MadelinePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Perkins, Sean MichaelPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Petroski, Hailey belleCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Phillips, SpencerEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Pizarro, JamesEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Ponder, ChloeEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Poole, Aaron Michael AlvinCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Porter, AllisonCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Porter, AllisonPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Potts, Kelsey ACriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Preble, KarsynEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Priest, AdamCriminal JusticeHonors
Ramakers, KelsiGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Ratermann, RyanCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Rauenhorst, KatherinePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Reed, Vivien EdenCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Regan, MollyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Rehn, KennediCriminal JusticeHonors
Reinhardt, RileyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Reynolds, Veronica EmilyGlobal StudiesHonors
Rhoads, Mackenzie LynnEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Ricci, GiannaCriminal JusticeHonors
Ricci, GiannaPolitical ScienceHonors
Richard, KatrinaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Richmond, Reese MoniquePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Roell, Brittany NGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Rogers, Jared sCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Rogers, SammiePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Roggy, Gabriela GiaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Rojas, Jarom JasonEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Rojas, OmarPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Ronay, MichaelCriminal JusticeHonors
Ross, BrookeUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
Ruehrwein, Jesse BenjaminEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Rugg, CaseyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Rusk, ArielCriminal JusticeHonors
Ryan, BrandyCriminal JusticeHonors
Ryser, KateCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Sanchez, SelenaCriminal JusticeHonors
Sanchez, SelenaPolitical ScienceHonors
Sanders, ShayPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Sargent, Sage RobertCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Sawyer, TessaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Schaffner, DanielleEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Schinse, JaredPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Schmidt, KaylaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Schwister, MorganCriminal JusticeHonors
Scully, Cole TCriminal JusticeHonors
See, JeremyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Shuffler, BryceCriminal JusticeHonors
Shuman, KylePolitical ScienceHonors
Shumar, Maggie LynnCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Silva, AlenaCriminal JusticeHonors
Simmons, Erin LeaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Simonds, TessaPolitical ScienceHonors
Simons, LeahCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Sirhall, Bailie CarolinePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Sirhall, Bailie CarolineSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Slayden, BaileeCriminal JusticeHonors
Smith, DallasEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Smith, DawnCriminal JusticeHonors
Smith, LandrieEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Smith, SirceyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Smith, TylerCriminal JusticeHonors
Snell, LeeanaCriminal JusticeHonors
Snowball, PaytinCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Solomon, Tyler ChristopherCriminal JusticeHonors
Sommerfeld, MarissaPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Sparling, DominikPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Stammetti, Brianna EPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Stammetti, Brianna EPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Stampfli, HunterCriminal JusticeHonors
Stearns, SarahUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Stephens, MackinseyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Stephens, MackinseyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Stevens, JohnCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Stewart, MattieSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Stice, AlliGlobal StudiesHonors
Stoltzfus, SaraSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Stroud, JasonCriminal JusticeHonors
Strough, DawnCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Sullivan, JoeCriminal JusticeHonors
Sundstrom, KatelynPolitical ScienceHonors
Sweet, KatCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Syljuberget, LukeCriminal JusticeHonors
Symonette, ShaianneCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Szeles, MaggiEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Szeles, MaggiPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Taylor, JessiePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Taylor, Liandra Prantanporn LynnPolitical ScienceHonors
Teebken, KatarinaPolitical ScienceHonors
Tegan, KayleePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Thiessen, TreyUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Thyer, AidenCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Tolido, JaclynCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Toliver, BrynnCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Toliver, BrynnPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Torres, Sabrina KPolitical ScienceHonors
Townsend, CodiCriminal JusticeHonors
Townsend, EthanPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Trafelet, KaleighPolitical ScienceHonors
Trowbridge, Luke RobertPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Tucakovic, AdelaCriminal JusticeHonors
Ugrin, EmmaCriminal JusticeHonors
Uhler, JacyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Uipi, WesCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Uitdewilligen, MarinusPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Vail, ParkerEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Valentine, MackenzieCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Van De Moere, KiraPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Van Maren, KimberlyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Van Ness, EmilyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
VanderMolen, BrookePublic Policy & AdminHonors
Vanwey, Macy NCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Vella, AllyPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Venegas, AngelPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Vernay, VincentCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Vernay, VincentPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Vernon, Acasia ColombaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Vickers, ClaytonPolitical ScienceHonors
Villanueva, LupeEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Voile, AidrieSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Volkmann, Chaunalee RSchool of Public ServiceHonors
Wall, JasmineGlobal StudiesHonors
Ward, Carolyn ZCriminal JusticeHonors
Warneke, Liza AnneEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Waski, KristinCriminal JusticeHonors
Weber, CadeeCriminal JusticeHonors
Webster, NoahCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Weis, Kate AlexandraSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Whalen, AshlynCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Wharton, MeganCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Wieseler, RylieGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Williams, Brandon ThomasUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
Williams, KaidenCriminal JusticeHonors
Winkler, BrittanyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Woodhouse, SamUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Woodyard, Ary CelestePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Woznick, Riley EvelynEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Wright, AJCriminal JusticeHonors
Yancey, LindseyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Young, LiamCriminal JusticeHonors
Zafiris, Tyler S.Environmental StudiesHonors
Zak, KelsieCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Zue, GriffinPolitical ScienceHonors