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SPS Advisory Council

SPS Advisory Council Mission

Members of the SPS Advisory Council at Boise State University share their expertise to guide and advance the educational, research and public service goals of the School of Public Service. The SPS Advisory Council serves to support the ongoing success, growth and vitality of the School of  Public Service to achieve its important public-facing objectives.

SPS Advisory Council Members:

● Represent and promote SPS’ interests in the broader community such as: facilitating development of robust public policy and community-based research, assisting in the development of practical experiences for students, developing collaborations and community partnerships and through promoting SPS and study in public service fields.

● Provide counsel to SPS leaders about topics such as: the preparation that our graduates need, changes and needs in public service careers, pressing needs that our programs and research can address, current and new academic programs and curriculum, marketing and recruitment to enhance enrollments, leveraging centers and institutes to achieve our mission and ways to achieve SPS’ long-term strategic objectives.

● Enhance SPS connections with government entities, professional and business organizations, non-profit organizations and other community institutions.

● Assist in the development of financial support for experiential learning, faculty support, student scholarships and research experiences and other priority needs through their relationships with potential donors and/or their own philanthropic giving.

Advisory Council Members and Committee Assignments

Advisory Council Members (term):

Galen Schuler (3 years starting fall 2022)
Ray Stark (3 years starting fall 2022)
Rakesh Mohan (3 years starting fall 2022)
Jen Stevens (3 years starting fall 2022)
Patrick Sullivan (3 year starting fall 2022)
Mayor Lauren McLean (2 years starting fall 2022)
Rep. Chris Mathias (2 years starting fall 2022)
Jim Martin (2 years starting fall 2022)
Debra Leithauser (2 year starting fall 2022)
Matt Erpelding (2 years starting fall 2022)
Heidi Peterson (2 years starting fall 2022)
Monica Hopkins (1 year starting fall 2022)
Cecilia Gould (1 year starting fall 2022)
Craig Kingsbury (1 year starting fall 2022)
Michael McLennan (1 year starting fall 2022)
Ali Rabe (1 year starting fall 2022)

Executive Committee

Dean Angie Bos
Chair, Chair-Elect
The Former Chair (Vacant)
Committee Chair/s – Mat Erpelding (Advancement)
Patrick Sullivan
Debra Leithauser
Ali Rabe

Advancement Committee:

SPS Development Director (ex officio)
Mat Erpelding (chair)
Galen Schuler
Rep. Chris Mathias
Heidi Peterson
Jim Martin
Cecilia Gould

Community Advocacy Committee:

Ray Stark (chair)
Mayor Lauren McLean
Rakesh Mohan
Jen Stevens
Monica Hopkins