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Fall 2021 Honor Roll

Congratulations to SPS students on our honor roll!

Full-time undergraduate students are recognized on the dean’s list with the following designations:

  • Honors for a GPA of 3.50 to 3.74
  • High Honors for a GPA of 3.75 to 3.99
  • Highest Honors for a GPA of 4.00.

Dean’s Honor Roll

The following students have earned placement on the Dean’s Honor Roll for the Fall 2021 semester.

Abala, KylaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Adams, NaneaGlobal StudiesHonors
Aiello, ParkerGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Aiello, ParkerPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Allen, Tyler LukePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Alquist, JackPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Alvarez, KevinPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Anderson, ThomasCriminal JusticeHonors
Antonucci, BellaCriminal JusticeHonors
Armstrong, AlexsisCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Armstrong, LivEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Arvin, KatieCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Atlee, OliviaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Atlee, OliviaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Atwood, LaurenCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Aylward, VictoriaCriminal JusticeHonors
Azizi, MedinaCriminal JusticeHonors
Bahena, OscarCriminal JusticeHonors
Ball, ZoeyEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Ballew, GarrettEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Barajas, MeganCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Barath, Tibor RobertPolitical ScienceHonors
Barnes, Raeven BlairCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Barnes, Raeven BlairSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Barnes, Raeven BlairSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Barrett, BrenanCriminal JusticeHonors
Barta, ErinCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Bauer, EvaSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Bellamy, KaitlynPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Benisek, LindseyGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Bennett, JuliaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Bentivengo, SofiaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Berendts, ElSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Bernal, JacobPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Bernard, RyanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Berry, Archer BurgessCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Birt, TessaEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Blankman, AndyEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Boden, AllisonGlobal StudiesHonors
Boleak, BrookeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Boughton, CassidyPolitical ScienceHonors
Bozarth, RylieCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Bradshaw, MadelinePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Brady, GeorgePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Brollier, HenryGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Brosnan, MaggieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Brown, Kyle DavidCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Burgess, GraysonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Burks, Aaron JohnEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Burks, Adam JeremyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Burlile, GagePolitical ScienceHonors
Butcher, BaileyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Butler, MakaylaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Butsch, ZackCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Cahill, SeanEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Caldwell, SaigePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Caldwell, SaigeSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Campbell, LindsayPolitical ScienceHonors
Campbell, LindsaySchool of Public ServiceHonors
Campbell, NathanielUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Cantu, AmyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Carney, JarrettEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Carrasco, VanessaPolitical ScienceHonors
Carroll, DaphneEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Carson, Bailey JSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Castillon, ShaylaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Castle, CierraCriminal JusticeHonors
Cates, EmilyEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Caton, KaylaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Catovic, AminaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Catton, Grace RoseCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Cepeda, AlyssaEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Ceriani, EllaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Ceriani, EllaPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Chagolla, Delaney GraceCriminal JusticeHonors
Christensen, Brianna NicolePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Christian, JillianCriminal JusticeHonors
Christiansen, AnnabelEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Claphan, ReginaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Clement, DyllanPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Cleverly, DayvisCriminal JusticeHonors
Coleman, GraceCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Comstock, LaurenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Comstock, LaurenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Conde Vendrell, AnaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Conner, MadisonPolitical ScienceHonors
Contreras, MarielaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Cornell, TimPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Coronado, NicolasEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Correa, Sarah EPolitical ScienceHonors
Cortez-Perez, DarioUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Cota, DominiqueEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Cota, DominiquePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Coughenour, SarahCriminal JusticeHonors
Covert, CydneySchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Covey, MeredithUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Cramer, NicolePolitical ScienceHonors
Crimin, Bryce ScottCriminal JusticeHonors
Critchfield, Brighten BellePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Cross, KeeleyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Cruces, NataliaPolitical ScienceHonors
Daniel, QuinnPolitical ScienceHonors
Daniels, AbbyGlobal StudiesHonors
Dassinger, Rakel JuliaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Davis, BrookeEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Davis, Makenzie DPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Dean, AldenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Delmas, AbbyPolitical ScienceHonors
DeLong, AlexisCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
DeSantis, Gianna NicolePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Doherty, Chase O'BrienPolitical ScienceHonors
Dominiak, Luke ChristopherPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Dozal, DylanCriminal JusticeHonors
Dryer, Julia SimoneGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Dudum, ChasePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Duncanson, Kade MarshalCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Duncanson, Kade MarshalPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Dunton, EmilyGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Dykes, EmilyEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Egelston, MackenzieEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Eisenberg, RileyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Eisenberg, RileyPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Elder, MeganCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Engstrom, JoeyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Eodice, EmmaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Eodice, EmmaPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Estes, PatienceUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
Estrella, YasminGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Evenson, NatePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Everett, ElleCriminal JusticeHonors
Fahlsing, DevonPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Fahnstrom, MimiCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Farmer, JamesGlobal StudiesHonors
Farris, TrevorPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Felix, AlexandraCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Fielder, ChristopherCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Figueroa Zavala, MelanieGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Finigan, EmmaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Finnecy, ElizabethCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Flake, AmmonPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Foncannon, CanaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Froehlich, JakeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Fuller, LizCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Fuller, LizPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Fuller, LizSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Funk, JennaEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Garber, TaylorPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Garcia, SkylarCriminal JusticeHonors
Gavis, MelCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Gaytan, IsabelCriminal JusticeHonors
Gebhart, AndrewPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Gendreau, MadelineEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Gentilucci, IsabellaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Gerla, TrinityCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Gilman, AveryPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Goetz, MalloryPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Goodell, PiaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Gopp, DillonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Gorton, MadisonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Gove, MakenaUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Grainger, GavinEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Gray, ErinCriminal JusticeHonors
Grubbs, JakePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Hajek, ErinPolitical ScienceHonors
Hale, Natalie RuthPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hall, KarliCriminal JusticeHonors
Hall, KristinPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Halling, Ruth ClaireCriminal JusticeHonors
Hallroan, Mackenzie JCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hamblin, HudsonPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Hampton, LukePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Hansen, DannyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hansen, SydneyEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Harelson, LiaGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Harmon, GiaCriminal JusticeHonors
Harris, PaytonEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Harris, Sophia KimCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hash, JustinCriminal JusticeHonors
Helt, ColinCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Heninger, AnaelysseCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Henry, Peyton GladeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Henry, SerenaSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Herling, NicolePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hernandez, AlexanderCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hernandez, Brandon LeeCriminal JusticeHonors
Herrenschmidt, SydneyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Hicks, JuliaCriminal JusticeHonors
Hill, EmmaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Hill, EmmaUrban Studies & Community DevHonors
Hill, PrestonPolitical ScienceHonors
Hines, Megan TaylorCriminal JusticeHonors
Hitesman, Janee AnnCriminal JusticeHonors
Hobbs, MargaretCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Hoffman, KaidenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hoffman, QuinnCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Holly, AmyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Homer, GaretCriminal JusticeHonors
Huizar, JakePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hurd, Mitchell AlexanderPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Hutchings, LaurenEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Hyon, JonathanCriminal JusticeHonors
Ison, MatthewPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Item, Derek AndrewEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Jackson, JadieEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Jacobson, Kate RosePolitical ScienceHonors
Jamison, DylanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Jenkins, PaytonPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Jeon, DojinGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Joelner, CamilleCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Johns, Caitlin Sue NicholeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Johns, Caitlin Sue NicholePublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Johnson, Amy KayEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Johnson, CeceCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Johnson, EllaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Johnson, SophiePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Jones, AimeeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Jones, JuliannCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Jorcyk, ZacharyPolitical ScienceHonors
Julian, Matthew JPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Julian, Miah KaiCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kacijancic, Spencer SCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Kafka, RileyEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Kay, BayliPolitical ScienceHonors
Keefe, GabbyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kelley, ConnerCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Kenning, MatthewCriminal JusticeHonors
Kienitz, HaileeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Kirby, MaddyCriminal JusticeHonors
Kirkmire, ChaneyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Kirkpatrick, MeaghanCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Kleven, Jack JosephPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Knepper, SydnieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Knudson, BenPolitical ScienceHonors
Koch, ToriSchool of Public ServiceHonors
Koger, LaurenCriminal JusticeHonors
Kuhn, GracePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Kuhn, MadelinePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Kurtin, AlliePolitical ScienceHonors
Lambert, JessicaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Land, KristoferCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Land, KristoferPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Land, KristoferUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Landers, MerissaPolitical ScienceHonors
Landers, MerissaSchool of Public ServiceHonors
Lange, ShannonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lansford, KaitlynPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Lasher, MichaelaCriminal JusticeHonors
Latimer, TristaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Leduff, LoganCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Lehner, CarolinePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Lepore, RoryEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Lieberman, EricPolitical ScienceHonors
Lindsay, Skye ElizabethPolitical ScienceHonors
Liners, RobertPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Liquin, PaigeGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Liquin, Payton JaeGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Littlewing, Jaya TrinityEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Long, LauraEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Lopez-Duran, ArmandoCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lovitt, ShelbyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Lucas, AnnaCriminal JusticeHonors
Luckey, CameronEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Lund, DavidPolitical ScienceHonors
Lundy, MarinaEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Lycas, GraceCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Lyle, MaggieCriminal JusticeHonors
Lynch, HaileyEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Lynch, SophiaPolitical ScienceHonors
Lyons, DylanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Lysinger, Riley JoEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Mackie, Rylie ECriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Mackie, Rylie EPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Magnuson, SarahPolitical ScienceHonors
Malzone, JaydePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Manning, Kaylee ElizabethCriminal JusticeHonors
Mapes, JackEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Mares, Kelly MadisonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Marino, AlyssaCriminal JusticeHonors
Markthaler, KatieEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Marr, DaltonPolitical ScienceHonors
Martinez, JimenaUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
McBride, OwenEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
McDonald, BrandonPolitical ScienceHonors
McDonald, EllieGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
McDonald, ElliePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
McFarland, AlekCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
McGee, NoahGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
McGinnis, GavinEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
McGrath, Anna ElizabethCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
McGrorty, GraceGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
McGuire, SabrynnaSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
McGurkin, KellenPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
McMahon, OliviaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
McMahon, OliviaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Medders, Brooke NCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Medina, Madison GabriellePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Menting, Brenna LeeannPolitical ScienceHonors
Meyer, KatiePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Miles, Denali AEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Miranda, DestynieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Moats, HannahCriminal JusticeHonors
Montgomery, AllieCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Montgomery, AlliePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Montovino, JordanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Moore, Baylie CaitlinPolitical ScienceHonors
Moorman, GiannaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Morris, CambriaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Morris, Kelsi AnneCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Morris, Kelsi AnnePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Morrison, ThomasPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Mounce, HarlieSchool of Public ServiceHonors
Moya, VivianCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Mulvihill, Samantha NicolePolitical ScienceHonors
Murphy, WilliamSchool of Public ServiceHigh Honors
Murray, AshleyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Myers, Joshua RobertCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Nadeau, RyannEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Napoli, NickUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Navarro, YeseniaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Neeb, JacobCriminal JusticeHonors
Nefzger, EllaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Nelson, SydneyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Nielsen, AlexCriminal JusticeHonors
Nikonov, AlexCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Noeker, LaurenEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Nolen, Jacob PatrickCriminal JusticeHonors
Norman, BillyCriminal JusticeHonors
Norman, DrewCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Novich, MontanaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Nunes, PeytonPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Nunez, ReynaldoCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Nutting, CannonCriminal JusticeHonors
Nygard, JosephPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
O'Connor, SydneyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Oldham, EmilyCriminal JusticeHonors
Oliver, Maliah AlanaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Olson, PaigeCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Ortega, LibertyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Osendorf, Presley ECriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Pak, MattUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Papenfuss, TimothyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Patterson, MadelinePolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Peacock, EmmaGlobal StudiesHonors
Perkins, KarlaCriminal JusticeHonors
Perkins, Sean MichaelPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Peters, EthanCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Peterson, BaileyEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Phillips, Eric LeeCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Phillips, MarkCriminal JusticeHonors
Phillips, ZachEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Pinson, SamPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Pires, HannahCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Pittman, EmmaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Pittsey, KylaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Ponder, ChloeEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Post, MagsGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Potter, MakennaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Priest, AdamCriminal JusticeHonors
Puentes, VictorPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Quinn, Luke ChristopherEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Rainey, AidanEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Ramakers, KelsiGlobal StudiesHonors
Randhawa, RheaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Rauenhorst, KatherinePolitical ScienceHonors
Reed, Vivien EdenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Regan, MollyPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Rehkemper, LibbyGlobal StudiesHonors
Reinhardt, RileyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Renfrow, AdamEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Reynolds, Veronica EmilyGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Richmond, Reese MoniquePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Rogers, Jared SCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Rogers, SammiePublic Policy & AdminHonors
Roitman, AlexaUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Rojas Flores, OmarPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Rojas, Jarom JasonEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Rojo, DanielCriminal JusticeHonors
Row, JacobPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Rugg, CaseyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Rusk, ArielCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Ryser, KateCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Sanchez, SelenaCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Sanchez, SelenaPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Sanders, ShayPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Sandstrom, MaKennaCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Santarone, EnzoEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Sargent, Sage RobertCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Sargenti, JustinCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Sawyer, TessaPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Schindel, MirandaPublic Policy & AdminHigh Honors
Schinse, JaredPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Schwander, SamCriminal JusticeHonors
Scully, Cole TCriminal JusticeHonors
See, JeremyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Shaffer, LynseyCriminal JusticeHonors
Shaffer, LynseyPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Sherry, NoelUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Shuffler, BryceCriminal JusticeHonors
Shumar, Maggie LynnCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Simons, LeahCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Slanetz, ZiggyUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Smith, Ally MckennaGlobal StudiesHonors
Smith, DallasEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Smith, DawnCriminal JusticeHonors
Smith, MeganCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Smith, NolanCriminal JusticeHonors
Sokolow, JasonCriminal JusticeHonors
Somsel, TrevorPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Sparling, DominikPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Staley, IsabellaPolitical ScienceHonors
Stammetti, Brianna EPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Stearns, SarahUrban Studies & Community DevHighest Honors
Stephens, MackinseyCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Stephenson, MaddyEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Stice, AlliGlobal StudiesHigh Honors
Stoltzfus, SaraPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Stout, ScottCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Strong, KaelynCriminal JusticeHonors
Studer, BenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Suhr, Madison MCriminal JusticeHonors
Summers, KristenGlobal StudiesHonors
Sumner, AbbyGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Sundstrom, KatelynPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Surjan, OliviaCriminal JusticeHonors
Surprenant, EllieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Sutherland, SteveSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
Swift, PaytonCriminal JusticeHonors
Szeles, MaggiEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Szeles, MaggiEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Szeles, MaggiPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Taylor, Liandra Pratanporn LynnPolitical ScienceHonors
Tegan, KayleePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Thompson, AmandaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Torres, Sabrina KPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Townsend, EthanPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Trowbridge, Luke RobertPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Tuttle, MichaelCriminal JusticeHonors
Uitdewilligen, MarinusPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Utterbeck, JourneyPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Vaage, ClaireEnvironmental StudiesHighest Honors
Vail, ParkerEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Valentine, MackenzieCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Van Belle, TaylorPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Van Maren, KimberlyPolitical ScienceHighest Honors
Van Ness, EmilyCriminal JusticeHonors
VanderMolen, BrookePublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Vasko, Caitlin EPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Vega, MartinCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Venegas, AngelPolitical ScienceHonors
Vernay, VincentCriminal JusticeHonors
Vernay, VincentPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Vernon, Acasia ColombaEnvironmental StudiesHigh Honors
Wade, MalayaPublic Policy & AdminHonors
Ward, Carolyn ZCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Ward, LukeUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Watson, SageEnvironmental StudiesHonors
Webster, NoahCriminal JusticeHonors
Wedderspoon, Brendan KeithUrban Studies & Community DevHigh Honors
Weis, Kate AlexandraSchool of Public ServiceHighest Honors
West, CalleyPublic Policy & AdminHighest Honors
Whalen, AshlynCriminal JusticeHonors
Wharton, MeganCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Whitaker, JacksonCriminal JusticeHonors
Wieseler, RylieGlobal StudiesHighest Honors
Wilsey, LaurenCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Wilson, AllenPolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Winkler, BrittanyPolitical ScienceHonors
Wolff, DanielleGlobal StudiesHonors
Woodrum, EmilyCriminal JusticeHighest Honors
Woodyard, Ary CelestePolitical ScienceHigh Honors
Wright, Olivia FaithPublic Policy & AdminHonors
York, MadisonCriminal JusticeHigh Honors
Zak, KelsieCriminal JusticeHigh Honors