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Honors Fall 2020

Congratulations to SPS students on our honor roll!

Full-time undergraduate students are recognized on the dean’s list with the following designations:

  • Honors for a GPA of 3.50 to 3.74
  • High Honors for a GPA of 3.75 to 3.99
  • Highest Honors for a GPA of 4.00.

Dean’s Honor Roll

The following students have earned placement on the Dean’s Honor Roll for the Fall 2020 semester.

Criminal JusticeAtwood, LaurenHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeBarrett, BrenanHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeBarrett, KatyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeBorba, SydneyHonors
Criminal JusticeBrito, StephenHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeBrown, BenHonors
Criminal JusticeButcher, BaileyHonors
Criminal JusticeByrum, AudreyHonors
Criminal JusticeCail, KaLueHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeCannon, BaileyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeCatton, Grace RoseHonors
Criminal JusticeCeriani, EllaHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeDeHaas, Cody AaronHonors
Criminal JusticeEggleston, JaxenHonors
Criminal JusticeEisenberg, RileyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeFielder, ChristopherHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeFinnecy, ElizabethHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeFuller, LizHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeGarcia, SkylarHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeGonzalez, JoseHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeGordy, AlanaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeGrimmius, MelinnaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeGuasco, LukeHonors
Criminal JusticeHabetler, RyanHonors
Criminal JusticeHansen, MadisonHonors
Criminal JusticeHelt, ColinHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeHillsbery, RebeccaHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeHultenius, BrandonHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeIntrieri, MarissaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeJoelner, CamilleHonors
Criminal JusticeJohns, CaitlinHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeJones, JuliannHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeKafka, Jordyn CarolineHonors
Criminal JusticeKanala, CambreeHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeKarcher, Karlee AnnHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeKillian, Alexa MacHattieHonors
Criminal JusticeKuehl, KaelieHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeLambert, CarleeHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeLand, KristoferHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeLeick, KaelynnHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeLester, CoryHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeLinne, IzzieHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeLomeli, DavidHonors
Criminal JusticeManning, NickHonors
Criminal JusticeMarosvari, AllyHonors
Criminal JusticeMcCabe, SydneyHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeMcDaniel, GabeHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeMendoza, HannahHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeMiddleton, KierstenHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeMontgomery, AllieHonors
Criminal JusticeMorris, Kelsi AnneHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeNunez, Kera AdileneHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeOliver, Maliah AlanaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticePerkins, SeanHigh Honors
Criminal JusticePetroski, Hailey belleHigh Honors
Criminal JusticePixley, LaurenHighest Honors
Criminal JusticePorter, AllisonHigh Honors
Criminal JusticePotts, Kelsey AHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeRatermann, RyanHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeRedlin, MaddyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeReed, Vivien EdenHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeRicci, GiannaHonors
Criminal JusticeRogers, Jared sHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeRoggy, Gabriela GiaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeRusk, ArielHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeSanchez, SelenaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeSargenti, JustinHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeSchmidt, KaylaHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeSharp, JordanHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeShumar, Maggie LynnHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeSilva, AlenaHonors
Criminal JusticeSimons, LeahHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeSnowball, PaytinHonors
Criminal JusticeSyljuberget, LukeHonors
Criminal JusticeSymonette, ShaianneHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeThyer, AidenHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeToliver, BrynnHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeTownsend, CodiHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeUhler, JacyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeWalsh, EmilyHonors
Criminal JusticeWeber, CadeeHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeWhite, KenzieHonors
Criminal JusticeWillis, KiraHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeWilsey, LaurenHonors
Criminal JusticeYoung, KaneHonors
Criminal JusticeLeon, EduardoHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeAnderson, Haileigh DawnHonors
Criminal JusticeArvin, KatieHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeAylward, VictoriaHonors
Criminal JusticeBahena, OscarHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeBarnes, Raeven BlairHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeBell, Madeline MaeHonors
Criminal JusticeBingham, Julia EHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeBoyle, HaleyHonors
Criminal JusticeBrosnan, MaggieHonors
Criminal JusticeBrown, Kyle DavidHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeBurks, Adam JeremyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeButler, Makayla MaeHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeButsch, ZackHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeByram, MeganHonors
Criminal JusticeCastro, BellaHonors
Criminal JusticeChagolla, Delaney GraceHonors
Criminal JusticeClark, Olivia VivianHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeColeman, GraceHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeConrad, CarolineHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeCraven, HaleyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeDauenhauer, CollinHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeDozal, DylanHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeDuncanson, Kade MarshalHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeFahnstrom, MimiHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeFarrell, Lindsay MarvineHonors
Criminal JusticeFriedrich, SophiaHonors
Criminal JusticeGaytan, IsabelHonors
Criminal JusticeGibbs, KatrinaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeGisler, JohnHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeGomez, AbbyHonors
Criminal JusticeGomez, JosephHonors
Criminal JusticeGopp, DillonHonors
Criminal JusticeHahlbeck, KassandraHonors
Criminal JusticeHalling, Ruth ClaireHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeHallroan, Mackenzie JHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeHamilton, Lucas DavidHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeHarmon, GiaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeHasanovic, DzenitaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeHenry, Peyton GladeHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeHerrenschmidt, SydneyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeHines, Megan TaylorHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeHobbs, MargaretHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeHoffman, QuinnHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeHomer, GaretHonors
Criminal JusticeKacijancic, Spencer SHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeKenning, MatthewHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeKirby, MaddyHonors
Criminal JusticeKirkmire, ChaneyHonors
Criminal JusticeKoger, LaurenHonors
Criminal JusticeLackie, MaddyHonors
Criminal JusticeLasher, MichaelaHonors
Criminal JusticeLobel, MadelynHonors
Criminal JusticeMansoor, KateyHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeMcCoy, MattHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeMcGrath, Anna ElizabethHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeMedders, Brooke NHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeMoats, HannahHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeMondok, DesmondHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeMorris, CambriaHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeMuto, AnalynHonors
Criminal JusticeMyers, Joshua RobertHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeNavarro, YeseniaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeNeedham, ChetHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeNielsen, AlexHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeNutting, CannonHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeNye, Seth JamesHonors
Criminal JusticeOlson, PaigeHigh Honors
Criminal JusticePalic, BentleyHigh Honors
Criminal JusticePalic, KianaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticePangelinan, Rosalia Francine AdaHighest Honors
Criminal JusticePerkins, KarlaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticePerry, John TrevorHonors
Criminal JusticePeters, EthanHonors
Criminal JusticePriest, AdamHonors
Criminal JusticeRehn, KennediHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeReinhardt, RileyHonors
Criminal JusticeRoediger, Julia LaurenHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeRothe, TristanHonors
Criminal JusticeRugg, CaseyHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeRyan, BrandyHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeSaalberg, JessieHonors
Criminal JusticeSandstrom, MaKennaHonors
Criminal JusticeSchmitt, RyanHonors
Criminal JusticeSee, JeremyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeShaffer, LynseyHonors
Criminal JusticeShort, PatriciaHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeSlayden, BaileeHonors
Criminal JusticeSmith, DawnHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeStampfli, HunterHonors
Criminal JusticeStephens, MackinseyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeStrain, KaitlinHonors
Criminal JusticeStroud, JasonHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeSuhr, Madison MHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeSurjan, OliviaHonors
Criminal JusticeSweet, KatHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeThomas, Kaylee MorganHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeTrapp, DanielleHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeTweedy, TarynHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeVan Ness, EmilyHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeWard, Carolyn ZHonors
Criminal JusticeWhalen, AshlynHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeWilliams, KaidenHigh Honors
Criminal JusticeYancey, LindseyHighest Honors
Criminal JusticeZak, KelsieHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesAlcaraz, ElizabethHonors
Environmental StudiesBallew, GarrettHonors
Environmental StudiesBarrett, HannahHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesBasa, Erica KHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesBottarini, AllieHonors
Environmental StudiesBurks, Aaron JohnHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesCahill, SeanHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesCepeda, Alyssa Rae CabreraHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesCossey, Cryslyn AprilHonors
Environmental StudiesCota, DominiqueHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesDiazNarte, Gabryella Ka'iulaniHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesDobrzyn, Emily ElizabethHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesDuran, NinoHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesEverson, LeifHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesGarner, DanielHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesGendreau, MadelineHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesGrainger, GavinHonors
Environmental StudiesGrimsted, Amanda MarieHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesHeidrich, Lily ElisabettaHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesHill, EmmaHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesHiscox, MollieHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesHuston, KennethHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesItem, Derek AndrewHonors
Environmental StudiesJackson, JadieHonors
Environmental StudiesJohnson, Grace CHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesKeller, MatthewHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesKhayat, FrankieHonors
Environmental StudiesKnudson, TylerHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesKratz, JaneHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesLanza, NicholasHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesLayton, JessHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesLee, RainaHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesLepore, RoryHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesLittlewing, Jaya TrinityHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesLowary, BraidanHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesLucas, Clarissa NaomaHonors
Environmental StudiesLynch, HaileyHonors
Environmental StudiesLysinger, Riley JoHonors
Environmental StudiesMancha, JessicaHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesMapes, JackHonors
Environmental StudiesMazur, KimberlyHonors
Environmental StudiesMcGinnis, GavinHonors
Environmental StudiesMiles, Denali AHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesMonk, JacksonHonors
Environmental StudiesMoore, AmandaHonors
Environmental StudiesO'Connor, RileyHonors
Environmental StudiesPatrick, Olivia AHonors
Environmental StudiesPonder, ChloeHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesRahier, Abigail RoseHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesRhoads, Mackenzie LynnHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesRogers, Karla GHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesRojas, Jarom JasonHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesRuehrwein, Jesse BenjaminHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesSali, BriannaHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesSantarone, EnzoHonors
Environmental StudiesSargis, TaysonHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesScott, Emily ClairHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesSkelton, AlessaHonors
Environmental StudiesSmith, DallasHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesSmith, LandrieHonors
Environmental StudiesVaage, ClaireHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesVail, ParkerHighest Honors
Environmental StudiesVon Lanken, MckennaHonors
Environmental StudiesWarneke, Liza AnneHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesWindham, SarahHonors
Environmental StudiesWolfe, AlissaHigh Honors
Environmental StudiesWoznick, Riley EvelynHonors
Environmental StudiesZafiris, Tyler S.Honors
Global StudiesAiello, ParkerHighest Honors
Global StudiesAnderson, KaylynHonors
Global StudiesArseneau, MeganHighest Honors
Global StudiesBenisek, LindseyHigh Honors
Global StudiesBetts, TarahHigh Honors
Global StudiesBrowder, Lindsay LeeHonors
Global StudiesCarter, LiamHonors
Global StudiesCarter-Cram, KateHighest Honors
Global StudiesChinabalire, Elvine AngelineHigh Honors
Global StudiesDodd, SiennaHighest Honors
Global StudiesDoman, ZoeHonors
Global StudiesDryer, Julia SimoneHigh Honors
Global StudiesDudum, ChaseHigh Honors
Global StudiesDunton, EmilyHonors
Global StudiesEstrella, YasminHigh Honors
Global StudiesGanci, Paige NicoleHonors
Global StudiesHarelson, LiaHighest Honors
Global StudiesHenderson, AnnikaHigh Honors
Global StudiesHer, Emily CHigh Honors
Global StudiesJervis, EleniHonors
Global StudiesKlimov, DaniilHonors
Global StudiesLee, RainaHigh Honors
Global StudiesLiquin, PaigeHighest Honors
Global StudiesLiquin, Payton JaeHighest Honors
Global StudiesLujan, SydneyHonors
Global StudiesMcDonald, EllieHigh Honors
Global StudiesMcgee, NoahHigh Honors
Global StudiesMcGrorty, GraceHighest Honors
Global StudiesRamakers, KelsiHonors
Global StudiesRobinson, NaiaHighest Honors
Global StudiesRuffing, DaniHigh Honors
Global StudiesStice, AlliHonors
Global StudiesWall, JasmineHonors
Global StudiesWieseler, RylieHighest Honors
Political ScienceAgbayani, DawnoHonors
Political ScienceAlbertson, SkylerHonors
Political ScienceAllen, AinsleyHonors
Political ScienceAllen, Tyler LukeHigh Honors
Political ScienceAlvarez, KevinHighest Honors
Political ScienceApuan, JustinHonors
Political ScienceBabcock, BeauHonors
Political ScienceBanks, RyannHonors
Political ScienceBernard, RyanHigh Honors
Political ScienceBjerke, HattieHighest Honors
Political ScienceBlackwell, Jackson ScottHigh Honors
Political ScienceBrack, SavannahHigh Honors
Political ScienceBrock, GraceHighest Honors
Political ScienceBrown, BrysonHonors
Political ScienceBulovsky, CarmenHonors
Political ScienceBurgert, GraceHigh Honors
Political ScienceCahill, SarahHigh Honors
Political ScienceCampbell, LindsayHighest Honors
Political ScienceCarlson, CorbinHigh Honors
Political ScienceChristensen, Brianna NicoleHonors
Political ScienceCornell, TimHigh Honors
Political ScienceCroft, JordynHigh Honors
Political ScienceCruces, NataliaHigh Honors
Political ScienceDassinger, Rakel JuliaHigh Honors
Political ScienceDavenport, TylerHonors
Political ScienceDeSantis, Gianna NicoleHighest Honors
Political ScienceDoherty, Chase O'BrienHigh Honors
Political ScienceDominiak, Luke ChristopherHonors
Political ScienceDooley, BenHonors
Political ScienceDwello, StuartHonors
Political ScienceEhle, KalliHigh Honors
Political ScienceFinigan, EmmaHighest Honors
Political ScienceFranklin, EthanHigh Honors
Political ScienceFrazier, NathanHighest Honors
Political ScienceFuller, LizHighest Honors
Political ScienceFunk, JennaHighest Honors
Political ScienceGarcia, KalebHigh Honors
Political ScienceGeorge, Cameron KathleenHighest Honors
Political ScienceGilman, AveryHigh Honors
Political ScienceGodfrey, MeghanHonors
Political ScienceGomez, Micah PlacidoHonors
Political ScienceGregg, MadelineHigh Honors
Political ScienceHajek, ErinHonors
Political ScienceHale, Natalie RuthHighest Honors
Political ScienceHamel, Andrew StewartHonors
Political ScienceHamud, HalimaHonors
Political ScienceHazel, HanahHigh Honors
Political ScienceHerold, RobertHonors
Political ScienceHoffman, JohnHigh Honors
Political ScienceHoffman, KaidenHigh Honors
Political ScienceHolly, AmyHigh Honors
Political ScienceHuff, JoelHigh Honors
Political ScienceHughes, JohnHigh Honors
Political ScienceHumphreys, ChadHigh Honors
Political ScienceHurd, Mitchell AlexanderHigh Honors
Political ScienceIson, MatthewHigh Honors
Political ScienceJacobson, Kate RoseHonors
Political ScienceJenkins, PaytonHighest Honors
Political ScienceJulian, Matthew JHigh Honors
Political ScienceKnudson, BenHighest Honors
Political ScienceLieberman, EricHonors
Political ScienceLindsay, Skye ElizabethHigh Honors
Political ScienceLittlejohn, HayleyHigh Honors
Political ScienceMagnuson, SarahHigh Honors
Political ScienceMalliaras, MicheleHonors
Political ScienceMarr, DaltonHigh Honors
Political ScienceMcCallie, SamHigh Honors
Political ScienceMcGurkin, KellenHigh Honors
Political ScienceMedina, Madison GabrielleHonors
Political ScienceMireles, ZephaniaHonors
Political ScienceMora-Carrillo, AngelHonors
Political ScienceMorales, PedroHonors
Political ScienceMorrison, ThomasHonors
Political ScienceMulvihill, Samantha NicoleHigh Honors
Political ScienceNaramore, Samuel JacobHighest Honors
Political ScienceNees, JeslynHigh Honors
Political ScienceNunes, PeytonHigh Honors
Political ScienceNunez, Kera AdileneHighest Honors
Political ScienceO'Connor, SydneyHonors
Political ScienceOddo, Alison CoreneHigh Honors
Political SciencePerkins, Sean MichaelHigh Honors
Political SciencePrice, LibbyHonors
Political SciencePuentes, VictorHonors
Political ScienceRauenhorst, KatherineHigh Honors
Political ScienceRegan, MollyHigh Honors
Political ScienceRicci, GiannaHonors
Political ScienceRichmond, Reese MoniqueHigh Honors
Political ScienceRojas, OmarHonors
Political ScienceSanchez, SelenaHigh Honors
Political ScienceSanders, ShayHighest Honors
Political ScienceSisler, Janae NicoleHighest Honors
Political ScienceSparling, DominikHighest Honors
Political ScienceStevens, HaileyHigh Honors
Political ScienceSundstrom, KatelynHigh Honors
Political ScienceTaylor, Liandra Prantanporn LynnHigh Honors
Political ScienceTidwell, NicHonors
Political ScienceTirado, AlinaHighest Honors
Political ScienceTorres, Sabrina KHigh Honors
Political ScienceTownsend, EthanHighest Honors
Political ScienceTrafelet, KaleighHonors
Political ScienceTrowbridge, Luke RobertHighest Honors
Political ScienceTucker, GarrettHigh Honors
Political ScienceVan Maren, KimberlyHighest Honors
Political ScienceVasko, Caitlin EHigh Honors
Political ScienceVega, JulianHonors
Political ScienceVenegas, AngelHighest Honors
Political ScienceWatkins, JJHigh Honors
Political ScienceWilson, AllenHigh Honors
Political ScienceWinkler, BrittanyHigh Honors
Political ScienceWood, AbbyHighest Honors
Political ScienceWoodyard, Aryana CelesteHighest Honors
Political ScienceJones, Nicole LeeHigh Honors
Political SciencePatterson, MadelineHighest Honors
Political ScienceTaylor, JessieHighest Honors
Political ScienceAgbayani, DawnoHonors
Political ScienceBellamy, KaitlynHighest Honors
Political ScienceButcher, BaileyHonors
Political ScienceDey, KaliHigh Honors
Political ScienceDunton, EmilyHonors
Political ScienceFielder, ChristopherHigh Honors
Political ScienceHumphreys, ChadHigh Honors
Political ScienceKleven, Jack JosephHonors
Political ScienceMurphy, Lucy AHighest Honors
Political ScienceStammetti, Brianna EHighest Honors
Political ScienceStephens, MackinseyHighest Honors
Political ScienceSundstrom, KatelynHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminBadostain, AshleyHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminBallenberg, BrookeHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminBeasley, Susan ElyseHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminBorba, SydneyHonors
Public Policy & AdminBowers, AngieHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminByrum, AudreyHonors
Public Policy & AdminCeriani, EllaHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminDumpel, KyeHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminDwello, StuartHonors
Public Policy & AdminGravett-Arnold, WillowHonors
Public Policy & AdminHall, KristinHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminHillsbery, RebeccaHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminJohns, CaitlinHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminKarcher, Karlee AnnHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminKoch, RachelHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminKriegh, Shelby LynneHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminLand, KristoferHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminLansford, KaitlynHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminLaPeters, JenniHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminLehner, CarolineHonors
Public Policy & AdminLittlejohn, HayleyHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminLomeli, DavidHonors
Public Policy & AdminLucero, Alessandro MichaelHonors
Public Policy & AdminMagnaghi, EmmaHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminMeredith, LindseyHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminMeyers, RobynHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminMontgomery, AllieHonors
Public Policy & AdminMoore, Gabrielle MariaHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminMorris, Kelsi AnneHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminNavvab-Safavi, PatriciaHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminOddo, Alison CoreneHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminPhelps, JadynHonors
Public Policy & AdminPixley, LaurenHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminPorter, AllisonHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminRogers, SammieHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminSommerfeld, MarissaHonors
Public Policy & AdminStammetti, Brianna EHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminSundstrom, KatelynHigh Honors
Public Policy & AdminToliver, BrynnHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminVan De Moere, KiraHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminVanus, AmyHighest Honors
Public Policy & AdminVella, AllyHigh Honors
School of Public ServicePeters, EthanHonors
School of Public ServiceBauer, EvaHighest Honors
School of Public ServiceBrendefur, RachelHigh Honors
School of Public ServiceCampbell, LindsayHighest Honors
School of Public ServiceCovert, CydneyHighest Honors
School of Public ServiceDavidson, NicoleHigh Honors
School of Public ServiceHunter, BlakeHighest Honors
School of Public ServiceHuston, KennethHigh Honors
School of Public ServiceKanala, CambreeHighest Honors
School of Public ServiceKoch, ToriHigh Honors
School of Public ServiceStewart, MattieHighest Honors
School of Public ServiceVander Poel, JackieHigh Honors
School of Public ServiceVoile, AidrieHonors
Urban Studies & Community DevCampbell, NathanielHighest Honors
Urban Studies & Community DevCooper, KylieHigh Honors
Urban Studies & Community DevCovey, MeredithHighest Honors
Urban Studies & Community DevLand, KristoferHigh Honors
Urban Studies & Community DevLong, WillHighest Honors
Urban Studies & Community DevMberwa, ArbayHonors
Urban Studies & Community DevPanagiotou, MarikaHonors
Urban Studies & Community DevRoss, BrookeHigh Honors
Urban Studies & Community DevStearns, SarahHighest Honors
Urban Studies & Community DevWilliams, Brandon ThomasHonors
Urban Studies & Community DevWoodhouse, SamHigh Honors
Urban Studies & Community DevWright, KatieHighest Honors