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Our Six Core Values

The Characteristics of How We Do Our Work in the School of Public Service

  1. INTEGRITY Integrity is key to the work we do. We uphold the values of honesty and sincerity in our work, within and beyond the university.
  2. TRANSPARENCY Transparency and open communication foster a healthy organization that breeds risk-taking, creativity, innovation, and job satisfaction. It is with transparency that we communicate in the School.
  3. RESPECT & CIVILITY Collegiality, caring, tolerance, civility and respect of faculty, staff, students and our external partners are ways of embracing diverse backgrounds, traditions, ideas and experiences.
  4. COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Community engagement with our external environment is central to our mission of serving the State of Idaho, region, nation and global communities.
  5. COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS Collaboration and partnerships are keys to our success as we work together in scholarship and to enhance the education of students, allowing them to apply their knowledge and skills to the critical challenges facing the public, private and nonprofit sectors.
  6. CREATIVITY & INNOVATION Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of the mission of the School, as we work to produce solutions to pressing and complex problems.