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Community Service Information

Two students pick up litter around the Boise river

As a result of your conduct hearing, Community Service may have been determined as a sanction.It is your responsibility to complete your hours on time, so we encourage you to plan accordingly. We will not grant deadline extensions due to inability to schedule your hours – be proactive with your efforts. To complete community service, please review the steps below:

Step 1

Pick a community service site – whether you choose to work with a campus partner or a community entity, you will need approval from the Office of the Dean of Students before you begin your hours.

Step 2

Campus Partner Provided by Office of the Dean of StudentsCampus Partner NOT Provided by Office of the Dean of Students
Reach out to contact person listed for your location of choice to create a scheduleEmail to request approval for completing community service at the location you’ve selected
If you do not hear from the contact person within 3 business days, consider finding a new locationIf your location is not approved, you will need to find a new location and request approval BEFORE you begin working on your hours
Once you have connected with the contact from your campus location of choice, email to gain final approvalOnce approved, work with contact person from location of choice to create a schedule for completing your hours
Track your hours on the Service Hours Verification FormTrack your hours on the Service Hours Verification Form

Important Information about your Community Service

Be aware of the following information regarding your community service:

  • The hours must be completed by the sanction date listed in your email. If they are not, a HOLD will be placed on your ability to add/drop courses.
  • Your hours must be completed in a minimum of 4-hour time periods.
  • You are responsible for verifying and adhering to the appropriate attire and footwear required for your place of service.
  • Your community service hours should be scheduled with your school and work responsibilities in mind.
  • You may be required to work your service hours off during the evenings or on the weekends.
  • Your community service supervisor will determine the amount of time and effort you have put into a project and will mark that down accordingly on your Service Hour Verification Form.
  • When your service hours have been completed, you must return the service sheet back to your conduct hearing officer so that it may be included in your student file with the Dean of Students and you are given credit for completing this sanction.
  • Do NOT lose your Service Hour Verification Form! You are the person responsible for it. If you lose this sheet, you may be required to re-do hours you have already completed.
  • Your immediate community service supervisor will be the only person aware that you are working as a result of a conduct sanction. Many students work on a campus and thus you should blend in easily with the other students working within the department.
  • You do not get to determine what is or is not appropriate when working off your service hours. If you have questions about the type of work you are required to perform, you may address those initially to your immediate community service supervisor or your student conduct hearing officer.

Campus Partners

Here is a list of campus partners which you can choose from to complete your university service hours:

Boise State Landscaping

  • Gabriel Bishop, BSU Landscape Manager
  • (208) 426-2342
  • Available weekdays, 6:00am – 2:30pm

Boise State Student Union

  • Joshua Nehring, BSU Student Union Associate Director
  • (208) 426-2858
  • Available daytime, evenings, and weekends

Boise State Event Parking Services

  • Chris Hansen, BSU Event Parking & Transportation Operations Manager
  • (208) 426-6103
  • Help needed nights and weekends

Boise State Public Safety

Boise State Custodial Services

Boise State Albertsons Library

St. Vincent de Paul

  • Chris Martinez, St. Vincent de Paul Operations Manager
  • (262) 443-8442
  • Multiple locations / availability
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