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Did you receive a notice stating you may have been involved in a violation of the Student Code of Conduct? First, take a deep breath! Second, read the notice carefully to ensure you know your Hearing Officer’s name and when/where your Hearing Process will be held. Contact your Hearing Officer ASAP if you need to reschedule your appointment. Bring questions you have to your meeting and your Officer will be sure to answer them.

What to Expect

Most conduct incidents are addressed through lower-level meetings, also known as Administrative Conferences. In these meetings, you will connect with a Hearing Officer to share your perspective of the incident in question, and the Hearing Officer will ask you questions in order to get a complete understanding of the situation. Following this meeting, the Hearing Officer will take some time to determine if you have violated the Student Code of Conduct. Regardless of the Hearing Officer’s decision, you will receive a letter within 10 business days via your Boise State email account notifying you of the outcome of the Administrative Conference.

Should your conduct incident be addressed through a formal Conduct Administrative Hearing or Conduct Board Hearing, a Student Conduct Administrator will be in touch to provide you additional details regarding the conduct process and timeline (also outlined in Student Code of Conduct, Section 6).

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