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5 1/2 Clubs You Might Not Know About

Did you know we have over 200 clubs at Boise State? Clubs range from the arts, music, dance to sports and recreational clubs. Here are 5 1/2 clubs you might not know about.

1) This club is buzzin’

The Boise State Bee Team is committed to learn about the health and care of honeybees and even provides beekeeping experience. You can gain a better understanding of the behavior of bees in a hive environment as well as learn about the importance of the wax and honey they create. You can even buy their honey at the Bronco Shop.

2) Baja Racing – Go speed racer

Students scratch their competitive itch by engineering their own cars to race in the Baja Racing Club. From purchasing materials to assembling them into a competition-worthy vehicle, you may need a competitive drive for this.

3) Gotta catch ‘em all

Cellphone and Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Club centers around bringing people together. You can do anything from trade, battle or just chat. You can play the new and old video games or have a showdown. Remember: Be careful catching Pokemon and walking through the Quad.

4) Bronco Dogs Organization

If you’re interested in training service dogs, have a service dog or want to get involved, the Bronco Service Dog Organization is for you. They educate and advocate for service dogs in the community.

5) Coffee Connoisseurs and Study Club

Coffee. If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. If you’re interested in local or chain coffee shops to mingle and get some study time in, you need to check this club out. They meet at coffee shops on and off campus.

5 1/2) But Wait, There’s More!

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Check out the whole list of 200+ organizations, or make your own!

Honorable mention: Jedi Academy Association at Boise State University