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5 1/2 of Boise’s Best Hiking Trails

Spring is finally upon us! And so is good weather, which means it’s a great time to get out, be active, and catch some rays while we can. To help you out we’ve put together a list of arguably the best hiking trails in the Boise area (we think). Make sure to check out the Ridge to Rivers trail conditions before you head out. You can plan your trip using the Ridge to Rivers Interactive Map as well. Remember to follow trail etiquette. Happy hiking!


1) Table Rock

Probably the most well-known trail in Boise, and for good reason. It’s a decent 1.6-mile hike, at an accessible location, and the view at the end makes it all worthwhile. It’s a must-see for anyone living in or visiting the Boise area.

Table Rock Interactive Map


2) Military Reserve

Military Reserve isn’t a specific trail, but a great starting point to get connected to the trail system, making it easy to hike the kind of hike you want to. Do you want a long uphill hike? Try Three Bears. Just out during lunch and need to get back quickly? Try Toll Road Trail to Ridge Crest to Central Ridge. So many options, you can try them all!


3) Stack Rock

This one is a bit of a commitment, but if you can handle the almost 11-mile trek (round trip), you’ll be rewarded with incredible views from the rock formation at your destination. It’s almost entirely alpine hiking, but the trail is nice and wide, and you’ll be surrounded by wildflowers along the way.

Freddy’s Stack Rock Trail Interactive Map


4) Harrison Hollow

This trail is great for almost all weather conditions. If it’s been raining out, chances are the trails are closed, and you REALLY don’t want to be walking on a muddy trail. That ruins the trail and makes us bad stewards. Harrison Hollow is an all-weather trail, so you’ll be able to get out in nature when everywhere else is rained out.

Harrison Hollow Interactive Map


5) Lower Hull’s Gulch

Some trails are favorites for hiking and biking alike, like this one. It’s a bit technical because it’s a gulch. You can either take this trail at the start of a hike to get to longer uphill trails or end with this for a long steady decline. Remember, bikers always should yield to hikers, but be on your best guard in case someone forgets.

Lower Hull’s Gulch Interactive Map


5 ½) Honorable mentions

Where’s your favorite hiking spot or place to be active? If you take any of our recommendations, we want to hear about it! Take a picture and tag us on Instagram @boisestatestudentlife. Here are the trails that almost made the list:

Around the Mountain – Bogus Basin
Quarry Trail – Near Table Rock
Camel’s Back – Near Camel’s Back Park
Dry Creek – Bogus Basin area
Eastside – Bogus Basin area
Too many more to list. This should have been the first 10 ½ Things.

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