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5 1/2 Things about Fall at Boise State

Whether you’re familiar with living in Idaho or not, you probably know that there is a certain time of year at Boise State that is quite magical (pun intended). It’s that spooky season when the leaves start to change, there might be a slight chill in the air, and literally everything is pumpkin spice flavored. Oh, what a glorious time of year it is. Here are our absolute favorite things about fall time in Boise.

1) We feel like we’re living in a movie

When you walk around Boise State as the leaves start to change, it feels like something out of a book or a movie. The city of trees turns into the city of red, orange, and yellow. We’re all saying, “when did I wake up in a painting?” It’s like that scene from When Harry Met Sally, only we get to live it in real life!

2) The weather is lovely

Sweater weather is where it’s at. Although, it doesn’t usually start to get too cold until maybe the end of October or early November. So, personally, if I could describe my perfect date, it’s October 15th, all you need is a light sweater or jacket.

3) We love a good pumpkin patch

Carving pumpkins is an essential fall activity for Idahoans. And great news! There are still several places open where you can go to grab a gourd, hop on a hay bail ride, skip through a corn maze, and sip on a cup of tasty apple cider.

4) We also love a good scare!

If getting spooked is up your alley, you’re in luck. There are a few places you can go to test your scream, like a haunted corn maze or haunted house. Namely, The Haunted World, which has kind of become a staple in Idaho over the last 20 years (can you believe it’s been around that long?!). The Idaho Horror Film Festival is also returning for its seventh year. Grab your popcorn and prepare to get no sleep, Oct. 8-11.

5) There are still tons of outdoor activities to do

And actually, we’d say they’re only made better by the changing of the seasons. If you really want to get the full Boise in autumn experience, take a hike up Table Rock or Camel’s Back to soak up all the beauty the city has to offer. But that’s not all. There’s a whole bunch of ideal spots to witness Idaho’s changing colors. Take a walk along the greenbelt (25 miles of autumn trees!) or check out the Idaho Botanical Garden for some gorgeous nearby views.

5 ½) We’re all feeling that fall spirit

I think we can all safely say that this perfectly explains how most of us are feeling about it finally being fall time at Boise State.


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