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Outdoor Program Trips

Our trips are for any Boise State Student regardless of experience or background. All are welcome.

These trips are first come-first served. Trips fill up fast! Check-in for upcoming trips!

List of Trips and Sign Ups

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What to expect:

Care & Community


The Outdoor Program trips are universally designed to accommodate all participants regardless of ability, background, or experiences. We want to empower participants to be their best selves, to break down limitations, and bring awareness that all experiences are valid and heard.

The Journey Award is for any current and full-time Boise State student who is in need of financial assistance to use at the Boise State Outdoor Program.

The Challenged Athletes Foundation is an organization that helps individuals get the specific adaptive gear they need, whether it is an off-road wheelchair, cross-country ski equipment, or adaptive Paddle Boards.

Environmental Stewardship:

The Outdoor Program wants to ensure participants understand the importance of taking care of the environment in which we recreate. We follow and practice the  7-Leave No Trace principles on every trip. These guidelines ensure these natural areas will be preserved for future trips.

In addition, all Outdoor Program trips will participate in a Service Project while recreating outside. It can be picking up trash, clearing trails, or helping clean the campsite we visit. This additional care and respect for these wild places are pivotal for a successful outdoor experience.


The Outdoor Program teaches and instructs participants on how to effectively operate as a cohesive group in a wilderness context. We help support effective communication, decision-making skills, and the ability to work together towards a common goal.

We want each student to feel the accomplishment of cooking their own food, assessing and managing risk, setting up camp, and helping others in the process.

The outdoors is one of the best ways for a group to build trust, break down barriers, and grow with peers.

Learn. Grow. Lead

Become a trip Leader

The Outdoor Program is hiring Trip Leaders for Summer 2023 – Leading Rafting, Backpacking, and hiking trips all Summer long!

We are educators who develop and positively impact students using the experience as our textbook and the outdoors as our classroom.

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