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5 1/2 Things About Independence Day

Hand holding a sparkler and an American flag

Like we’ve said with many other things this year, “things are a bit different.” Fourth of July is no exception, but again, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. There are plenty of awesome summer activities you can take part in. And here are some ways to celebrate that will make your holiday weekend spectacular.

1) Discover Idaho fourth of July traditions

No matter where you are currently or where you’re from, one thing’s for sure—you’re a part of the Idahoan community as a Bronco. So you should know that Idaho has a strong history of Fourth of July traditions. Whether it’s your jam to have a BBQ, play some good old American baseball, or watch stunning fireworks, the gem state has you covered.

2) Check out some local virtual celebrations

While celebrating in person might not be possible this year, Idahoans have banded together to offer virtual parties for anyone who wants to join. The city of Pocatello is having a virtual parade and Eagle is offering a slew of events around Independence Day like a virtual fun run, DIY float contest, car show, and even a drive-in fireworks display at Eagle Island (social distancing is required of course).

3) Make a patriotic slushie

If you’re looking for a patriotic treat, look no further. All you need is some lemonade, grenadine, some fruit punch, ice, and a blender. Blend each layer separately, then add them one by one to a tall glass. Oh yeah, don’t forget to add some sugar to the fruit punch layer or it might not taste so great. Enjoy!

4) Enjoy a professional fireworks production

No really, did you know that Disney parks have filmed their fireworks displays, which are truly an entire production complete with a lightshow, songs, projections, and of course massive fireworks? It’s almost 20 minutes of fireworks magic—so, go crazy!

5) Learn something new about America

Places like The National Museum of History, Mount Vernon, and the Statue of Liberty are holding virtual and interactive tours. If you’ve always wanted to learn a bit more, and see some of our country’s history first-hand, now’s your chance. Boost that brain power!

5 ½ Watch Hamilton on Disney+, July 3rd.

If you’re not aware of Hamilton, it’s a wildly popular musical about the life and times of Alexander Hamilton. Get your history with a side of song and dance.