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5 ½ Ways to Virtually Celebrate Pride Month

Pride flag

It’s still Pride Month! Although COVID-19 has shut down many other events around the world, countless groups and organizations are determined to give people a platform for Pride. If you’re looking for a safe way to celebrate, here are 5 events that are sure not to disappoint.

1) Be globally proud

Arguably the biggest Pride event on this whole list, this 24 hour Facebook livestream will feature all kinds of guests from world leaders, performers, and icons from the Pride community. The coolest thing about Global Pride is that it knows no borders. In other words, this event will be taking place from all over the world on June 27! Amazing!

2) Big apple Pride

NYC Pride is going to be broadcast on TV June 28! This rowdy celebration is also going to have music, Pride personalities, and even some comedians, but it’s largely focusing on the marvelous milestone of 50 years of Pride. The website also says “In this unique year, NYC Pride is committed to saluting front-line workers alongside several leaders in the community.”

3) Pride in a big way, by the bay

This weekender event (June 27-28) is meant to highlight the historical diversity which has taken place in good ol’ San Fran. However, this fest plans to make sure that their Black Lives Matter message remains at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Additionally, more than 13 hours of Pride dancing and rallying will happen live on the SF Pride website.

4) The luck of Dublin Pride

If you’re interested in seeing how they’re partying across the pond, check out Dublin Pride Week (June 22-28). Not only will it offer a totally unique perspective on Pride from another country, but this festival is also putting on an entire week of events, spanning from mental health discussions to morning breakfast time—Just make sure to set your clocks to the right time zone.

5) Showing profesh Pride all year long

WorkPride events, June 22-28.

5 ½) Share the Pride laughter

With all the interruptions from COVID to so many other important (and sometimes scary) news events showing up in our feeds every day, you might just need to let loose with some laughter. Check out some hilarious RuPaul’s memes for a quick break before you go back to your regularly scheduled programming.


Check out the Gender Equity Center page for more info about events at Boise State. The Trans Friendly Resource Guide of the Treasure Valley includes many resources which are friendly to all LGBTQIA+ Idahoans. The Gender Equity Center also offers no-cost, confidential support services.