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5 ½ Things About Student Media

Did you know that we’ve got a Boise State newspaper, independent radio station, and even a TV series production class? Yeah, all of that happens right here on campus. If you simply want to learn more about the media we’re producing at Boise State or you want to get involved, read on!

1) The Arbiter is Boise State’s independent newspaper

The Arbiter newspaper is an independent entity, which means it’s separate from the university. Student employees do everything from choosing subjects and writing stories, to taking pictures, putting the paper together, getting it printed, and distributing it to you. All the articles are online on their website and you can find physical copies at Arbiter stands all around campus.

2) University Pulse Radio is totally student-run

They do music, they do podcasts, they are experts in all things audio. Just like the newspaper, the University Pulse Radio students make the magic happen totally independently. You can tune in online anytime, literally 24/7, or check out their list of shows which happen every single day. Trust us, you’ll be entertained.

3) We have a University Television Production team

The Boise State Television team (or BTV team) broadcasts all kinds of shows and events right on campus. A whole team of students makes the show happen behind the scenes. If you want to get involved, sign up for course credit. You can check out their livestream, the BTV main page, and YouTube.

4) There’s even a Narrative Television program you can take

If you’re interested in TV and film, you can also sign up to take courses that are part of the Narrative Television program. This is an ongoing program that extends to filmmakers, writers, and actors. If you’re studying (or are interested in) one of those areas, you can sign up to be a part of the program which writes, films, edits, and premieres an entire TV series right here at Boise State.

5) There are various podcasts around campus to listen to

You may have heard of projects like “Beyond the Blue” which features Boise State University students, faculty, and staff who are doing amazing things for the university and around the world. But there are other podcasts and audio and video projects out there that you can check out as well, like Boise State Public Radioand more University Pulse shows!

5 ½) You can apply to work at Student Media right now!

Student Media has a whole bunch of positions open for The Arbiter newspaper and University Pulse Radio. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, check out the job postings and apply today. Applications close March 21 – April 9 for various positions.

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