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5 1/2 Things We’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, Broncos, which means a week off from classes, but it’s also a time to reflect on everything we’re grateful for. And honestly, this year, that might feel like kind of a challenge to a lot of us. However, we’re here to remind you of some wonderful things that are happening right now—and we’re super thankful for that!

1) Winter activities are fast approaching!

We were all pretty shocked to see snowfall happening so quickly after Halloween this year, but that means good news for those who like to play in the snow. It’s projected that Bogus Basin will open up on Nov. 27 because of all the great, snowy weather we’ve been having. So, strap on your winter boots, grab your sled, and get ready to have some fun.

2) There’s still live entertainment happening

While we wait for things to start opening back up, more artists than ever are choosing to throw online concerts for those of us who are dying for a show. Artists from Dua Lipa to Liam Gallagher, Gorillaz, and more are hosting livestream events that you can tune into right from your living room or wherever you have room to dance to live music.

3) Home for the holidays, obviously!

It’s this time of year that we all get to remember how thankful we are to be able to have time off around the holidays to just celebrate this fantastic fall time of year. Take this time to really recharge if you are able to and do your best to destress while you have free time. Just be in the moment with those you love.

4) Technology that can keep us together

Sometimes it’s the little things. And for us, that means just being able to connect with loved ones and learn via technology. Although things have certainly not been easy, we’re grateful that we live in a time when technology can keep us connected with one another and keep us on track with our goals. Be proud of how we’ve adapted, Broncos.

5) Remembering how much you’ve accomplished

For this last one, give yourself a big hug and pat on the back, seriously. This has been a totally unprecedented year and you’ve made it this far through a totally unique semester and almost nine months of a pandemic. Congratulate yourself for all your hard work and dedication. Now, grab a hot cup of cider, sit by the fire, and bask in all you’ve managed to complete this year.


Sweater weather hijinx!

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