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5 1/2 Things You Should Know About ASBSU

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Your student-led government is running strong, but with classes largely being delivered remotely you may not be super familiar with everything Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU). Get filled in on some new people, what’s going on with elections, and how you can get involved.

1) There are newly appointed ASBSU members this spring

It’s always a good idea to be familiar with your ASBSU reps. They represent you! Here’s an introduction to a few of the new faces you might see in ASBSU:

  • Kayla Magana: President, junior biology major
  • Cambree Kanala: Vice President, senior criminal justice major
  • Kenneth Huston: Ethics Officer, environmental studies major
  • Sarah Smith: Administrative Director, sophomore marketing major
  • Gina Ceccarelli: Government Relations Officer, junior sociology and ethnic studies major
  • Emily White: Communications Officer, marketing major
  • Haily Opperman: Vice President of Inclusive Excellence, junior nursing major
  • Graf Kirk: Vice President of Academic Affairs, biology major

2) 2021 elections are happening as we speak

ASBSU election packets, which nominate candidates, are open right now until March 3. Once those are closed, there will be a candidate debate on March 17, 6:30 to 8 p.m., and then voting will take place March 22-23. The results will be announced March 24.

3) Did you know you can attend ASBSU meetings?

Attend regular ASBSU meetings every other Wednesday, 4:30 – 6 p.m. to see your reps in action. But there’s also other meetings happening all the time that you can sit in on. Check out these Zoom links for event details and more info.

4) You can also reach out to your reps

Have an idea or question that pertains to helping out the student body? Reach out to your Senator/Assembly rep and let them know. You can find email and contact information on the ASBSU website as well.

5) If you feel passionate about something—speak up!

Have your voice heard! Your reps are here to back up issues and subjects that are important to you. Submit a Request to Speak form and have one or both chambers pass a resolution on a subject that you or your on-campus organization present.

5 1/2) Follow ASBSU on Instagram

Want to know more about what ASBSU is up to? Follow them on Instagram to stay in the know on breaking information.



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