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5 1/2 Tips for Remote Learning

1) Hide your phone. Close your tabs.

When you’re in learning mode, unless you’re using your phone for class, it is such an easy device to get distracted with when you’re trying to pay attention. And if you have tabs open that you don’t need open, close ’em.


2) Audio or video not your thing? Read the transcript.

If your instructor is using Zoom for lectures, they have the ability to record it and let you record it if you get permission. They can also automatically caption the lectures using Panopto too, so if you prefer learning-by-reading, that’s a good option. You can learn about these tools and more at the Learning Remotely website.


3) Stay connected with your class.

Online courses aren’t exactly what everyone signed up for – so as everyone is navigating these changes, communicating online is more important than ever. You could set up a Slack channel for your class or start a private Facebook group. There are lots of tools out there to help keep the communication open.


4) Use apps or extensions that help you stay focused.

StayFocused is a Chrome extension that allows you to block access to any and all websites that you have trouble ignoring. You can also set time limits to specific sites like Pinterest or Reddit or Twitter. Productivity will soar with the smart use of tools like this.


5) Create an ideal environment for yourself.

If you’re practicing social distancing but miss the sounds of a coffee shop, there are lots of sound machine websites that might help give you the background noise you’re used to. Whatever environment you prefer, make yourself a dedicated space – whether it’s your desk, dining room table or the corner of your couch – that helps you focus and do your best work.


5 ½) Make time for your mental health.

Getting outside, taking a walk, doing something fun, etc., is good for your brain.

By Mike Taylor

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