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5 1/2 Ways to Unplug

Finals are over, and many of us are working, schooling, and connecting with loved ones via a screen. Spending all day every day on your computer or phone can be tough. So, here are some tips we have for giving yourself the real break you deserve during winter break.

1) Limit time on your devices

Of course, it’s almost impossible to completely turn off our devices right now, but setting hours during the day is a good start. You can give yourself a set of  “working hours” during which you’ll be replying to texts, making phone calls, and having Zoom meetings. Additionally, if you are able to, try and see if you can fully step away from your phone for at least one full day per week during the holiday season.

2) Check in with yourself

Find a happy, quiet place (maybe through meditation, listening to calming music, doing some holiday baking, or just finding a serene place in nature) and check in with yourself. Ask yourself, “How am I doing? What do I need? How can I fulfill that need to the best of my ability?” And then give yourself a big hug, say “dangit, I’m good enough,” and then work out a plan to care for yourself. It’s something that can easily get swept under the rug, but you’ll be ready to take on the world when you first stop and take care of yourself.

3) Create a nightly routine

Don’t know about you, but I’ve been stress-dreaming a lot lately and that’s really been affecting my ability to stay focused during the day. I get cranky, I have no energy, and my ability to be present with those around me—zip. I think if I worked harder to turn off my devices, TVs, and all other distractions, in addition to maybe making myself a sleepy time tea, getting in comfy pajamas, and maybe doing a face mask, I’d feel more relaxed and pampered. Let’s come up with our own routines and give it a shot!

4) Learn something new

Now that you’re getting good sleep, you’re off of your phone, and you’ve checked in with yourself, how can you give your soul a little nourishment? I suggest reading a book, listening to an audiobook, starting a new podcast that interests you. Something that doesn’t draw you IN to your phone, but AWAY from it. Just press play and walk away, that’s what I always say. What are you really curious about? Astronomy? Ancient roman history? How to bake baklava? I guarantee someone has talked about it or written about it at some point. Satiate your curiosity!

5) Care for a little buddy

My little buddy is a live sourdough starter. It needs to be fed and used often in order to keep it healthy, which means I’m regularly baking bread, feeding it, and maybe singing it a lullaby sometimes when I put it to bed in the fridge. The point is, you can get an herb garden or a houseplant or Tamagotchi (remember those?) or start a large project that you work on each day. It’s incredibly rewarding to know that you put in the care, attention, and work required to make bread or sprinkle fresh herbs on your dinner or do a massive paint by numbers. Hey, you did that!

5 ½) Be satisfied by a phone smash

We all want to do this sometimes, but sadly, we can’t. So, watch Ron do it instead.

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