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Give Back to My Community

If your motivation and drive for the hard work you do in school is a desire to give back to your community, here are some options to set you on that path.

Lead Certificate

Whether you’re committed to being a change agent in your community or field, or you want to make a difference by bringing people together to solve problems, you’re a perfect candidate for the Leadership Certificate program.

Learn more about Leadership Certificates


Some classes at Boise State include a service learning component. Service learning gives you real-world experiences, awareness of community problems and solutions, personal insight and growth, and an opportunity to serve the community while earning credit.

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Ethos Project

The Ethos Project is a student-run organization that works to empower Boise State students by helping them develop the skills they need to become agents of positive change in their local communities. We host an annual spring symposium designed to showcase the passion and innovation of Boise State students. We also offer workshops that are geared towards helping undergraduate students work on their credibility, confidence and professionalism.

Learn more about the Ethos Project