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Handshake for Students and Alumni

Use Handshake to:

  • Search for part-time jobs on and off campus, internships, and post-graduation career positions
  • Schedule career counseling and job search advising appointments
  • Find and RSVP for upcoming career fairs, employer information sessions, and workshops
  • Research employers attending career fairs and message employers of interest

Handshake Instructions

How to Log In

Log in to your student Handshake account. Click on “Boise State University Sign On” and use your Boise State login credentials.

New/incoming students

An account will automatically be created for you the day after you register for classes, and you will be able to use Boise State single sign-on to access it. You do not need to register for a Handshake account.


Once you graduate, you will need to register for an alumni account. Jump to the Alumni – How to Register for an Account section for instructions.

Searching and Applying for Jobs

After logging in, go to “Jobs.” Use Handshake’s Job Type filters to search for the type of opportunity you’re looking for, then refine your search with Handshake’s other filters, such as location, industry, or major.

Work-Study Jobs

When searching for on-campus student jobs, you’ll notice that some of the job titles say “Work-Study Preferred” or “Work-Study Only” at the end. Work-Study is a financial aid award in which you may earn up to the amount of your award by working on-campus (or a select few jobs off-campus). Learn more about Work-Study.

If you already have a Work-Study award: You can apply to ANY student job on-campus and use your Work-Study award. (Make sure to accept your award by the deadline.)

If you don’t have a Work-Study award: You may still be eligible. To check your eligibility, complete the Work-Study Waitlist form. If you do not receive an award, don’t worry – there are still a large number of on-campus jobs available to you!

Applying for Jobs

Some jobs will have you apply through the Handshake platform, while others will link you to an external application.

Use these instructions from Handshake for additional assistance:

Alumni - How to Register for an Account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up for an Account at the bottom left side of the page
  3. Click the Student / Alumni button.
  4. Fill in your personal information and create a password.
  5. Tip:  When asked to enter your email, use your .edu email address if you have one. If you are a recent alumnus, you may already have an account and can log in with your myBoiseState credentials. If not, use your personal email address.
  6. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and check the box to agree to the terms of service before you click Submit.
  7. Next, you should see a screen asking you to confirm your registration.
  8. To confirm your registration, click on the link that you received in your email.
  9. Tip:  If you don’t find your confirmation email, please check your spam folder. To prevent future e-mails from being sent into your spam folder add to your contacts.
  10. If you still have difficulty please contact Handshake at

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you are registered as an alumnus and may log in at with your email address and password to complete your Handshake profile!

Feel free to contact Career Services with any questions you have: (208) 426-1747 or

Privacy Statement

Boise State University Career Services is committed to maintaining good privacy practices regarding electronic personal information for all our users. All data collected for our job listing/resume database and on-campus recruiting services are stored on Handshake servers. Information collected is used to provide and tailor services to our users. It is also used to construct aggregate reports that assist us in program planning.

The system for providing the job listing/resume database and the on-campus recruiting service may collect system information such as IP address and browser version. This system is provided by Boise State University Career Services in partnership with Handshake. View the Handshake Privacy Policy here.

Collection and access to student information is governed by campus and federal policy under the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well the Boise State University Information Technology Resource Use Policy. All of our users’ information is considered confidential and its use is restricted to Boise State University Career Services staff, on an as-needed basis.

Jobs posted by employers on Handshake may or may not be reviewed before posting. Site users are urged to validate job postings and use caution and common sense when applying. Do not disclose Social Security numbers, credit card information, or bank account numbers to unknown employers.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding this Privacy Policy or privacy issues relating to Handshake, please contact Career Services at

Fraudulent Job and Internship Posting Warning

In addition to the hundreds of great opportunities from legitimate employers listed on Handshake, we unfortunately see occasional fraudulent postings as well.

Despite our monitoring of incoming postings, it is important that students carefully review job postings for signs of fraud. If you are in doubt about an opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact Career Services at (208) 426-1747 or

Common Red Flags:

  • The business name is not easily identifiable and no clear business website is listed. Or, if there is a website, there is no substance to the content.
  • The email address of the ‘recruiter’ doesn’t point to a business website and/or is a Gmail, yahoo, aol, etc. address. Another indicator is if their email domain name doesn’t match the business they claim to be working for.
  • The employer offers to send a check to you to deposit into your own account. You are told to keep a percentage of it for your own pay but are then asked to withdraw cash, using it to pay for various items that they ship to ‘clients’. Or you are asked to immediately transfer funds from your account to the ‘employers’ business accounts. After the check clears (which can take a few days to a few weeks), they are discovered to be fraudulent.
  • The job is advertised as high-paying, no experience necessary, work your own hours, work at home and so on – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!
  • The job duties described are vague and/or the language is poor and full of grammatical errors.
  • The job duties entail clerical work at home, typing, shipping packages, and personal assistant/shopping duties. Oftentimes the employer is out of the country and never actually interviews or meets you face-to-face.
  • The employer requires you to pay money or a ‘membership fee’ in order to access opportunities.


  • If you have encountered a fraudulent posting, company or organization in Handshake, please contact Career Services at (208) 426-1747 or so the posting can be investigated and appropriate action taken.
  • If you have been a victim of a scam, we encourage you to immediately contact the local police; the police are responsible for investigating these incidents regardless of whether the scam artist is local or in another state.
  • If you have sent money to a fraudulent employer, we encourage you to contact your bank and/or credit card company immediately.
  • If the incident occurred completely over the internet, you may also file an incident report with The United States Department of Justice ( and the Federal Trade Commission (

Career Services Accessibility

Career Services is committed to providing equal access to all users and is working with vendors and partner organizations to improve our platforms. Should you encounter any challenges when using this tool, please contact us at (208) 426-1747 or and we will assist you.