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Make a Difference

Maybe it’s been your goal from the start, or maybe it’s something you’ve discovered along the way. Either way, you know now: you’re here to learn how to make the world a better place. How do you use your academic pursuits to make a difference? Start here.


The LeaderShape Institute is a six-day experience that offers you a unique opportunity to develop a healthy disregard for the impossible. It can help you shape the way you look at the world and the way you influence positive change in it. The LeaderShape Institute is about building leaders interested in creating a just, caring and thriving world.

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Leadership Certificate

Learn to work effectively with others and solve problems while making a difference in your field or community. There are two certificate programs, open to all majors, available – choose between fully online or in-person.

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Ethos Project

The Ethos Project is a student-run organization that works to empower Boise State students by helping them develop the skills they need to become agents of positive change in their local communities. We host an annual spring symposium designed to showcase the passion and innovation of Boise State students. We also offer workshops that are geared towards helping undergraduate students work on their credibility, confidence and professionalism.

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