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Shape and Share Your College Experience

So much of how college helps you prepare for your future happens outside of the classroom. As you collect knowledge, skills, experiences and relationships throughout your time at Boise State, remember all of those pieces fit together in the grand scheme of what your future may hold. Here are a few things that can help you put those pieces together thoughtfully.

Career Planning

Creating a career plan early in your college career will help you know which skills to develop, and which experiences outside the classroom to take advantage of. Your career plan will help you make decisions about your major and prepare yourself to get hired in your chosen field.

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University Foundations Classes

Boise State’s University Foundations classes anchor what you learn in your specific major to a bigger picture beyond your chosen field. The goal: to enhance your capacity to learn, create, and evolve—at school and throughout your life.

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Honors Signature Courses

The Honors College experience is about more than absorbing prepackaged information. It involves participating in the process of self-discovery, wrestling with new ideas, and thinking critically about their implications.

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Share Your Story

The experiences you gain in and out of the classroom are opportunities to set yourself apart in your job search. We can help you capture and articulate the value of your experiences, and how they make you one of the best job candidates.

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