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Super Fast Meal Plan Primer

Meal plans can seem pretty complex. For some of you – on-campus students, we’re looking at you – they are required. For others, they’re optional. For everyone, they can be really handy to have. Whatever your status, here are the meal plan basics as quickly as possible:

Lifestyle Plans

A select amount of meals pre-purchased with some Dining Dollars too. Plans range from 10 – 90 meals. Value Plans include:

Weekly Plans

A meal plan with a select amount of meals that resets every week with Dining Dollars. Plans range from 12 – unlimited meals per week and include 5 guest meals. Weekly Plans include:

  • Blue (unlimited meal swipes + 400 Dining Dollars)
  • Orange (15 meal swipes + 100 Dining Dollars)
  • Trailblazer (12 meal swipes + 400 Dining Dollars)

If you’re a housing resident who already purchased your plan through your myHousing portal,  you can downgrade your weekly plan for the first 10 days of school, and you can upgrade at any time in the myHousing portal.

Dining Dollars

It’s like turning your Bronco Card into a debit card. Dining Dollars can be used at any dining place on campus.

Pay attention to when everything expires to make sure you use them all. For Weekly Plans, Dining Dollars expire on the last day of spring semester. For Lifestyle Plans, they expire after a year.

If you need to buy your meal plan, or see all your options at once, you can get your meal plans, Dining Dollars here.


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