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5 ½ Steps to Apply for Scholarships

Free money. Got your attention? Scholarships are free. Scholarships help you pay for college and you don’t have to pay them back.

have you completed the FAFSA? Don't wait!

1) Complete the FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the key to being considered for need-based scholarships and financial aid. Priority deadlines are February 15 for fall semester and October 1 for spring semester.

2) Complete the Boise State Scholarship Application

This application closes February 15, so you still have time. You really, really need to complete this form if you want to be considered for department and college scholarships at Boise State. Really.

3) Apply for State of Idaho Scholarships

These are for Idaho students who stay in Idaho to study.

4) Look for other scholarships

There are lots of them – and it requires some detective work on your part. Start here:

February 15

5) Don’t miss the February 15 deadline

February 15 is the application deadline to apply for Boise State scholarships for fall semester. If you miss this important date, your next opportunity to apply is by October 1.

5 1/2) Don’t procrastinate