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Video Transcript – Get a (Student) Life Podcast: Pursuing the Good

Molly: What are some impactful memories from the Boise Powwow that you’ve had?

Veronica Yellowhair: From the Boise Powwow some impactful memories is I’ll never forget this moment…it was about two, maybe three, years ago and I wasn’t a part of the Powwow committee I was just there to dance. And I remember one of the spiritual advisors, he came out and he was talking, giving the prayer, and then also giving some advice to everybody at the Powwow. And I remember he said words like, I’m paraphrasing, but that after the pandemic he said, “I know that we’re inside all the time because of this pandemic but we need to go outside as much as we can, because when you’re inside you just think so much, and that’s not good.”

And he said this next which I’ll never forget, that I always hold deep in my heart and I always base my majority of my decisions on what he said, [which] was: “If there’s something good, go to it.” And I  can even visualize it in my head, when he said that he had his mic in his hand and he motioned one of his hands and pushed, like “go to it if it’s good”. And so whenever sometimes I may be feeling lonely or maybe I’m a bit jittery because I’m anxious about something, I tell myself, “Is there a powwow going on?” And maybe I’m going back and forth like, “Should I go or shouldn’t I go? Maybe I should stay home and clean or maybe I should just try to rest.” But then I remember what that Elder says: “If it’s something good, go to it” and powwow are good so I go to it.