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Video Transcript: Welcome to the Get a (Student) Life Podcast

[Graphic: Title screen reads Get a Student Life]

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[Molly Balison, host]: Hello and welcome to the Get a (Student) Life podcast, where we talk about all things student life and love telling student stories at Boise State.

[Isaac Celedon, student]: My advice two words: get involved.

[Sierra Sandison, former student]: I just I can’t even count the number of ways that just being on a first name basis with my faculty and going out of the way to get to know them has completely changed my life so I wish I had done that coming into freshman year but you can do it instead

[Veronica Yellowhair, student]: If there’s something good, go to it.

[Gabrielle Moore, former student]: The more hard things that I did that were little, the more I realized that I could do hard things.

[Sierra Sandison]: Buster Bronco has by far like the most fun on football game day it is oh being Buster Bronco on football days is the best thing you’ll ever do in your life.

[Molly] Thanks for listening, now go get a student life!

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[Graphic: Boise State University, orange ‘B’ logo]