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Video Transcript – Get a (Student) Life Podcast: What it’s like to be a college mascot with Sierra Sandison

Zack: And also on the list, do you know how many–did you calculate how many push-ups you did as Buster Bronco?

Sierra Sandison: Oh my God I did calculate it at one point, I don’t have the number off the top of my head but there was one–do you remember–oh what was it? There was one game where they put me in the suit for the first half because there was one boy who’s like ripped on the team, and they figured that this game was going to be a blowout and in the second half that would be the most push-ups that needed to be done. And then it was a blowout, but all of the points were scored in the first half and I had to do like 123 push-ups that half, because you do the whole score every time they score. And he didn’t have to do any because we didn’t score in the second half, we took out the starters.

Ben: That’s crazy

Sierra: [laughs] Oh God

Ben: So that’s the most?

Sierra: That was the most in one game, for sure.