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We’re so thrilled you decided to journey to Boise. We think that anyone who visits will likely fall in love with our town. And if you’re from here, you can read on to be reminded of everything that makes this place so great. No matter where you go from this point on, a piece of your heart may want to stay here in Idaho. So, we’re here to humbly and whole-heartedly welcome you to our big little city. Although, there’s a little something here for everyone, here are some of the most important things you should know, right off the bat.

It’s not a rumor, everyone really is super nice

There’s a practice of looking someone in the eye, giving them a genuine smile, and a “Hi, how are you?” that goes around in Boise. Every Idahoan is doing it and we do actually really care about every person we meet. There’s a sense of neighborliness and having the back of every single Boisean that is very important to the city’s culture. As they say, “You’re in Boise, be nice.”

We are the city of trees!

And that means we love nature. No seriously though, we have tons of breathtaking parks (like Ann Morrison, Kathryn Albertson, Julia Davis, Camel’s Back, and more) and each of them has something unique to offer. You can go for a hike, a swim, jump in some paddle boats, float the river, play some sports, or just go for a leisurely stroll through any of our fine parks. Not to mention the Greenbelt. I mean, that’s an experience all in itself and it just happens to be attached to campus and leads to a few parks.

Table Rocks our socks off

Table Rock is a must-see for anyone who plans on visiting or living in Boise. Watching the sunset (or sunrise) from above the city is one of the more beautiful sights one can witness here. Even visiting during the day provides a lovely view over the entire town—from the hills, down, and across the valley. After seeing it, you’ll totally get why we love to call this place home.

Things get a little “Freaky” in Boise

Freak Alley shows off just a very small portion of the incredible artistic expression that Boise has to offer. It’s a small alley filled from street to sky with paintings and art of all kinds. We celebrate creativity, it’s really ingrained in our identity as Boiseans. So, if you have a spare moment, stroll down Freak Alley and really spend some time with the ever-evolving plethora of art on display 24/7.

We know how to celebrate the season

If you’re from Idaho, then you already know what iconic seasons we have, but fall in Boise is truly something to behold. And we do what we can to highlight all the best parts of the season. Did you know that last year there was a haunted house attraction held in the Communication building? It’s notoriously said to be haunted. Get ready for a memorable fall with some apple cider, pumpkin carving, and a rainbow of colored trees as far as the eye can see.

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