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Apps to Help You Organize a New Semester

We’re all trying to get organized right now. However, it might feel daunting trying to plan your days when you have some classes remotely, some hybrid, and others in person. These apps will help you hack your planning, organization, and execution of a totally unique semester.

Google Workspace Apps

Google Drive isn’t only about Google Docs. And Google Calendar can, of course, be used to plan meetings, but can also be used to remind you of dates, tasks, and other general daily reminders when a paper planner doesn’t feel quite realistic for remote work. Also, when you don’t necessarily have time to create something like a Word document, save it to your computer, and email it to someone, try a Google doc, sheet, or slide and just send the link to anyone who needs quick access.


This is one of several eBook apps that can be so helpful when you’re taking online or hybrid classes. First of all, you can always have your book with you digitally, wherever you are. There’s both a computer app and a mobile app which sync up with each other, so you can pick up right where you left off no matter which one you’re using. Plus, it has a highlight, search bar, bookmark, and even a notes feature. It’s kind of an all-in-one study tool that keeps all of your materials in one space.

Boise State Mobile App

You don’t have to always log in to myBoiseState in order to check your grades, add more funds to your print account or food account (or see Student Life articles in your feed!). If you download the Boise State Mobile app, you can interact with any and all of these functions remotely, even when you might not have access to your computer which is super handy when you just need to check something quickly in between classes or during study time.


Of course, this will likely be essential for any online students and if you haven’t used Canvas before, now is the time to log in and get familiar with it. If you weren’t aware, you don’t only have to use it on your computer. You can download the app to your phone to post assignments, check notifications from your professors, and participate in classroom discussions all from the palm of your hand.


Most of us have used PowerPoint for presentations, but sometimes you want to get a bit more creative and expressive with the assignments you’re turning in. If you want an app that is truly a powerful design tool, yet is also very user friendly, you can download Canva and make presentations, slideshows, resumes, posters, photo collages, and much more. Your peers and teachers will be impressed with how professional your homework looks.


Getting together for a study group or group work meeting might not be as easy as it was in previous semesters. You can totally use Zoom for virtual meetings, but flipgrid is a great place to upload quick videos when everyone might not be available to chat at the same time. Your group can log in and check your video message, then reply with their own at their leisure. It’s a great way to visually walk your class through your current progress on a project, post a discussion question, or just chat about what’s going on in your class.


Trying to coordinate your life might feel a bit overwhelming right now. The “If This Then That” tool can help take some tasks off of your ever-growing list by automating things. For example, if you want your phone to silence calls and messages whenever you’re in the library studying, it can do that for you! Essentially, it uses the apps on your phone and helps them to work together. Like, for example, it can turn on/off smart lights at a certain time of day, lock your computer or turn it on, help find your phone, track your work hours, and much more. Just one less thing to have to think about.

LiveSafe Symptom Tracker

You now have access to an optional free symptom tracker called LiveSafe. You can use LiveSafe to monitor your symptoms every day and get feedback letting you know if you should attend class, come to campus for work or stay at home. LiveSafe will help connect you with the right resources if you do have symptoms.

Download LiveSafe from the App Store
Download LiveSafe from the Google Play Store 
Access LiveSafe in your Services Menu on myBoiseState

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