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What I Wish I Would’ve Known

When it comes to my college experience, I wish I would have found someone to tell me all the secrets. Like how to get connected with future employers, how to talk to a professor about my final grade, or even just what housing would’ve been best for me. My goal is to give you some tricks, tips, and tweaks on how to make your college experience the best it can be.

Spend at least one summer in Boise

If you’re attending Boise State as an out-of-state student, my biggest advice that I’ve not only learned but have been told by many people is to spend at least one summer in Boise. There is so much to do and the weather, greenery, and atmosphere make it that much more beautiful.

You can float the river, sit outside at a restaurant downtown, go on hikes, and explore other places in Idaho. This summer, some of my adventures include checking out fun new restaurants, taking a dip in Redfish Lake, eating lunch in Stanley, driving up to Sun Valley for the day, and kayaking near Lucky Peak.

Another exciting thing is businesses around Boise love hiring college students for the summer. Boise State Career Services is extremely helpful in finding a job that’s right for you.

Float the Boise River successfully

I’ve always said you didn’t float the Boise River right if you didn’t run into a couple of trees and lose at least one person in your floating party. The river may not seem wild from up above, but as soon as you jump in the water, you’re in for an adventure. Take it from a river floating veteran.

The most popular place to start is at Barber Park. There is a building where you can rent tubes, boats, and paddles, or you can bring whatever flotation device fits you. I’ve seen someone float down in a pink flamingo blow up.

The river will guide you down to Ann Morrison Park where your float will come to an end. There is a bus available that takes you back to Barber Park where your car is probably parked.

Go with a group of friends, if you plan to bring your own tubes blow them up beforehand or bring your own pump so you don’t have to rent one, wear sunscreen, bring water or something to drink, and if you plan to bring a bag make sure you’re okay with it getting soaked. As for phones, stick them in a zip lock bag and they should stay safe from the water.

Moving into a new residence hall, apartment, or house

Whether you’re an eager first-year student excited to move into the residence halls or an experienced senior moving into a house with your friends, there are some things we all could remember to bring on move-in day.

A mattress topper does wonders and has helped me sleep through the night. Especially in the residence halls, why not make your bed even more comfortable?

In my first year, I forgot a suitcase. When it came time to head home for winter break, I didn’t have anything to pack my stuff in. Thankfully a friend let me borrow a suitcase, but I was unable to pack all that I was hoping to. My advice is to always have a suitcase or duffle bag handy because you never know when you’ll decide to take a weekend trip somewhere.

If you like coffee, bring a Keurig or coffee machine. If getting Starbucks every day is your thing then go for it, but if you’re hoping to save a little cash, making coffee at home is a lifesaver—especially for those late-night study sessions and all the coffee shops are closed. These are obviously just the beginning of a move-in list, but it will get you started on what to bring into your new home! Housing and Residence Life also has a list of what to bring and what to leave home.

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