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Sustainability Tour

Sustainability Walking Tour

Boise State and the surrounding city of Boise is home to many sustainable features that showcase the best of innovation and design to reduce waste, energy, and pollution. Campus Sustainability offers a variety of walking tour options for classes and the community to see some of Boise State’s sustainable designs. In addition, more targeted tours of buildings that feature especially in depth and innovative approaches to renewable energy and efficiency if your group is interested in a more comprehensive view of building operations and design.

To sign up for a sustainability tour, email Kat Davis at

To go on your own self-guided walking or biking tour, you can reference this Boise Sustainability Map that has pins for different sustainable feature on and around the Boise State campus. This map is being continuously updated and added to, so keep checking back for more features! If you know of a relevant project or feature that is not listed this map, email Kat Davis with the location and information to keep this map as up to date as possible.

Interactive Boise Sustainability Map