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RecycleFest is a recycling educational program that educates students in residence halls and conducts waste assessments to measure if there has been a reduction in contamination rate. In the past 2 years, there has been a 17% reduction in the Housing recycling contamination rate. 

Given the restrictions on campus this upcoming semester, the RecycleFest program will be drastically different this year. For context, some of the restrictions include doing virtual events, requirement of wearing masks on campus, and allowing space for social distancing on campus. 

Thus, RecycleFest 2020 (or Virtual RecycleFest) will teach students about recycling a two week Instagram challenge (follow us here) that educates our followers in a fun and interactive way about recycling, zero waste, and more. 

Starting in the beginning of October, this challenge will interact with followers of “Boise State Sustainability” (@sustainableboisestate) on Instagram on a daily basis for two weeks straight. Each day, a new topic will be highlighted and a related prompt will be sent out. Followers can participating by posting on their story or timeline and tagging our account and using the hashtag #boisestaterecyclefest, interacting with our story, or commenting on our timeline post depending on the prompt for that day. The prompts will be unique each day and will aim to educate/promote recycling and zero waste practices. Those who participate will be entered into a drawing for prizes! These include water bottles, tote bags, and reusable straws!