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Campus-Wide Dedication to Reduce Waste

Reducing waste in the landfill, and ensuring the resources that we use every day have a second life is in your hands!

In an effort to reduce contamination and to increase our campus-wide recycling rate of valuable materials, we are excited to release the campus-wide plan for waste diversion at Boise State! You will notice the following changes taking place across campus:

  • Centralized waste stations with clear, consistent signage
  • Three sorting streams including Aluminum/Tin, Paper/Cardboard, and Landfill
  • Daily pick up recycling from these centralized containers

Moving forward, outdoor recycle bins will take aluminum, tin, and paper.

NOTE-We no longer recycle plastic at Boise State! 

This transition is happening in phases all across the university, so please keep an eye out for your waste station’s transition and let us know how it is going by emailing our Sustainability Coordinator at! Does your office want to go above and beyond? Make sure to reach out to our Sustainability Coordinator for a zero waste interactive office training, as well as learn more about your office’s potential to increase diversion through innovative recycling opportunities.

To change recycling service or to add or reduce waste bins in your office or building, please email

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page about recycling to seek out answers to questions about the changes of our campus-wide recycling standards.

Download our waste signage.

Glass collection sites in Boise

Boise State Waste Signage