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Recycling FAQs

What’s happening with plastics?

You may note that we are no longer offering a service to recycle plastic in our centralized waste stations. This is an intentional decision as a part of a campus-wide waste management strategy that was made critically because of the following reasons:

  • There are very few plastics that can be recycled using the City of Boise’s commercial “blue bin” recycling standards on campus
  • High levels of contamination are associated with allowing any plastics into recycling
  • Desire to shift campus culture to reducing the plastic used on campus overall

If your office would like to go above-and-beyond by having blue bin and orange bag plastics in your office to be managed by an office zero waste champion, or if you would like a zero waste training, or have questions about the new recycling streams, please reach out to Kat Davis, Sustainability Coordinator, at

Who do I contact with questions about the recycling and trash pick up schedule?

Our recycling and trash pick up schedule is managed by our diligent and hard-working custodial team. Please contact with concerns about your recycling or landfill pick up service to ensure we can take care of your problem as efficiently as possible.