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The Accuplacer is administered by appointment only. A fee of $23.50 per attempt is due at registration. The Accuplacer can be attempted two times per semester. A valid Boise State or government ID is required at check-in. Personal items are not allowed in the exam room. A TI 30X IIS calculator and scratch paper will be provided.

Testing Remotely During the Campus Closure

At this time, the Boise State University Testing Center is offering limited Accuplacer proctoring via the Zoom conferencing tool. Students who register for one of these sessions will receive an email on the morning of their exam containing their Zoom meeting link. Clicking the link will launch Zoom and start the testing process. Test takers must download and install Zoom ahead of exam day. If you’re new to Zoom, select the SSO sign-in option the first time you launch the app. If prompted, provide the Boise State institution link ( You will then be able to sign-in to Zoom using your Boise State Student Account.

Download Zoom

To avoid technical issues on test day, please use Google Chrome to take the exam. If you’re already a Chrome user, verify that you’re using the most current version.

Download Google Chrome

Please read the following guidelines before registering:

  • You will need 2 sheets of blank paper and a pencil before starting the exam. You will need to show these to the proctor.
  • You will be required to have a clean desk or table surface without items on it.
  • You must use a computer that will be able to run Zoom software and has a webcam and microphone. If this is a desktop the webcam must be separate as the proctor will require you to show them the room you’re testing in.
  • You must have a reliable internet connection.
  • You must take the exam in a private space where you can take the test uninterrupted.
  • You will have to confirm your identity through the camera with your proctor by using a VALID government or school ID.
  • The proctor will require you to scan the room you are located in (possibly multiple times) to ensure the integrity of the test.
  • You phone will be turned all the way off. You will have to show the proctor your phone at the start of the test.
  • You may use a handheld calculator so long as it does not connect to the internet, have an alphanumeric keyboard, or contains graphic capabilities. Before the test begins, you must clear the calculator memory in view of the proctor.
  • You will be required to share your desktop screen for the entirety of the exam (please hide private information, close all tabs, and turn notifications off before the start of your exam).
  • The proctor will be required to request control of your computer if there is any suspected academic dishonesty.
  • You will be monitored by video for the entirety of the exam.
  • You will have a two-hour testing window to finish your exam. If you reach the end of the two-hour window and you haven’t finished your exam we will ask you to submit the exam unfinished. Most students finish the exam in about an hour.
  • If you’re experiencing technical difficulty while trying to connect to your scheduled Zoom session, please email immediately.
  • Missed Zoom appointments are non-refundable.

Schedule an Accuplacer Exam

Note: All appointments are Mountain Time.

Canceling your Appointment

Please remember that availability is limited. If you would like to cancel your scheduled session, please submit this form at least 48 hours ahead of your scheduled time so that your slot can be offered to other students.

Cancel your Appointment

How is math placement determined?

All students seeking a degree must complete 3-5 credits in mathematics, placement tests do not waive this requirement. Please speak with an adviser before taking the Accuplacer. Your scores from the math portions of the ACT® or SAT® tests can be used for placement. See The table below for placement cutoffs. You may take the indicated course if your score is high enough. You may be exempt from the placement exam if you have taken an appropriate prerequisite course. Math 15 and Math 25 do not require a placement exam. Prior to selecting a math course, check the course prerequisites and the degree requirements for your major.

Placement Chart

No PrerequisiteNo PrerequisiteNo PrerequisiteMATH 15 or MATH 25
18430244 (QAS)CHEM 99, MATH 108, MATH 123
23540256 (QAS)CHEM 101, CMGT 110, ITM 225, MATH 143, MATH 157, MATH 254
27620254 (AAF)BIOL 191,CHEM 111, MATH 144, MATH 160, MATH 187
29+650+268 (AAF)CE 210, ENGR 120, GEOPH 201, MATH 170, MATH 261, PHYS 111

How to Prepare

The Collegeboard offers a practice exam, as well as a browser-based study app for students looking to prepare for the Accuplacer. If you’re struggling with concepts on the practice material, using Khan Academy is a great way to strengthen your understanding of specific topics.

Download The Practice Exam

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