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ProctorU FAQ

ProctorU’s Record+ is a remote proctoring service used to administer exams to students in any isolated environment where they will not be disturbed. Many instructors at Boise State are relying on this form of remote proctoring as part of their course. Students are encouraged to review these frequently asked questions to better understand how remote proctoring affects them.

Why am I asked to use a proctoring service to take my exam?

Instructors and academic departments are responsible for their assessment strategies and activities to ensure academic integrity. One way to do this is by proctored exams. While instructors are encouraged to use alternative assessment methods such as projects, essays, presentations, and interviews, these alternatives may not be feasible or appropriate in every course.

What environments are appropriate for taking Record+ exams?

Students should choose quiet and distraction-free environments when taking Record+ exams. A wide range of locations that provide reliable internet and quiet work areas are acceptable (e.g. public libraries and university campuses). If testing at home, students should keep their privacy in mind and choose an appropriate area, as their immediate environment will be recorded during the exam session.

ProctorU has several products, and I’m not sure which one I’m supposed to use

Boise State uses two products from ProctorU: Record+ and Live+. Refer to your syllabus if you’re unsure which service is used in the course.

  • Record+: This service is provided by the University at no cost to the student and does not require students to schedule appointments. Tests are administered on-demand.
  • Live+: This service is paid for by the student per exam. Exams that use this service require the student to schedule an appointment on the ProctorU Website.

Does a live person review Record+ exam sessions? Or a computer?

ProctorU uses both A.I. and human review to analyze each session. Each session goes through two layers of human review. A ProctorU staff member will first review the footage in its entirety and summarize their findings. A Boise State proctor will review the session again to make a final determination and escalate issues to the instructor, and in some cases, the Academic Integrity Program.

What if I’m accidentally flagged?

Human proctors will view each exam session. A Boise State proctor makes the final determination on whether the incident will be escalated. Student accommodations, situational context, and issues outside of students’ control are taken into account. Incidents that are determined to be accidental are usually closed without any escalation. The student may receive a courtesy email from a Boise State proctor with recommendations for avoiding the problem on upcoming tests.

How are violations handled?

Some incidents are relayed directly to the Instructor. For example, when a student uses the wrong test-aides, the instructor is notified and encouraged to reach out and clarify which test-aides are permitted. The instructor may decide to impose a grade penalty if they asked the student to correct an issue on multiple occasions. It is left up to individual instructors to determine how to handle these types of incidents.

In cases where academic integrity violations are clear, a Boise State proctor will notify both the instructor and the Academic Integrity Program in the Dean of Students Office. The student will have an opportunity to share their perspective regarding what occurred.
As with all incidents of academic misconduct, it is the responsibility of the individual instructor to determine whether or not a formal report of academic misconduct will be submitted.

Who has access to my exam session information and footage?

Exam footage is initially reviewed by two proctors: one from ProctorU and another from Boise State. Additionally, the instructor can access all session reports and footage related to their exam.

The Academic Integrity Program at Boise State can access exam session data when they are notified of an academic dishonesty incident. Testing Center staff may also access session data when providing assistance or technical support to instructors and students.
Identity verification information (e.g., your ID photo) is deleted within seven days of taking your exam. Proctoring session data (screen recording, webcam audio/video, and proctor notes) are stored in US-based encrypted servers (AES 256) for six months. At the end of the retention period, the student data is deleted permanently according to NIST 800-88 guidelines.

Does ProctorU sell or monetize students’ data?

No, ProctorU does not do anything with the information and does not market to test-takers or monetize their data. Exam session data and recordings are the property of Boise State University and are only used to preserve academic integrity.

What should I do if I don’t meet the technical requirements to use the available Remote Proctoring software?

Students are encouraged to take advantage of campus resources. Students can check out laptops at The Zone or use campus WiFi if they do not have sufficiently fast internet access at home. Students who cannot come to campus must connect with their instructor to make alternate arrangements.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions or comments about ProctorU or the information on this page, please use the feedback form below. Your submission is anonymous unless you would like to receive a follow-up call or email.