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Respondus Lockdown Browser

Instructors are encouraged to schedule a consultation and training session before using Respondus Lockdown Browser. Please submit a request through the Help Desk to schedule a session.

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For more detailed “how-to” articles about Lockdown Browser, refer to the list of articles for instructors on the knowledge base.

Respondus Lockdown Articles for Instructors

What is Respondus Lockdown?

Respondus Lockdown Browser is a custom browser that locks the testing environment within Canvas by restricting access to other webpages, applications, and keyboard shortcuts while students are taking a test. Lockdown also suspends messaging, screen sharing, and screen capture services while the exam is active. Enabling Respondus Lockdown for one of your exams prevents test takers from using a standard browser to access that test.


Note: Lockdown does not include monitoring features. If your assessment requires proctoring, ProctorU Record+ may be a better option.

Recommended Use Cases

Respondus Lockdown is typically used in assessment labs, classrooms, and other monitored environments. When used with Canvas’s built-in exam restrictions, Lockdown can provide a suitable assessment environment for unproctored exams. Implementation examples for Respondus Lockdown include:

  • Use with exams administered in the classroom.
  • Use with low to medium-stakes exams and quizzes.
  • Use with Zoom or Google Meet running on students’ mobile devices to administer instructor-proctored exams.
  • Use as a “back-up” option for students who don’t meet ProctorU’s technical requirements.

Refer to the provided sample syllabus information if you would like to include information about Respondus Lockdown in your syllabus.

Sample Syllabus Information

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