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Is the GRE required for admission?

Can I apply in both fiction and poetry?
Yes, however, an application will need to be completed for each genre for which you’re seeking admission.

When is the deadline for submitting application materials?
January 15th.

Where should I send my application materials?
All of your application materials should be submitted through the online graduate application.

How many students are admitted each year?
2-3 in each genre.

How many applications do you receive per year?
The number of applications we receive varies from year to year. Our admission rate is usually between 3-5%. Applications come from all over the country and the world.

Do you offer Spring admission?

When should I hear about the admission decision?
Starting the middle of March to April 15. Once all decisions have been finalized, an email will be sent to all applicants.

What percentage of admitted applicants receive some form of funding?
100% of admitted applicants receive a teaching assistantship or graduate assistantship. Both include a full tuition waiver, student health insurance, and a living stipend of $11,450 per year.

Who should write my letters of recommendation?
They should be written by someone who is either familiar with your writing ability or your academic work.

Can I apply if I wasn’t an English major?
Of course. By far the most important factor in the selection process is the quality of the writing sample, regardless of an applicant’s academic background.

Do I need to submit all transcripts, or just the last degree completed?
You need to submit all transcripts of any institution you have attended. Even if you have a PhD, submit transcripts from Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees.

Where can I find information about how to apply as an international student?
You can find information about applying as an international student to the graduate program at Boise State here.

What language proficiencies are required for English as a second language students? Visit the International Admission website for requirements.

Do you offer an application fee waiver to any potential students?
We do not offer application fee waivers.

The Program

How large is the average workshop?
Given the small number of accepted applicants in each genre, workshops are generally between 8-10 students.

What are the graduation requirements?
The Boise State MFA Program is a three-year, 48-hour course of study requiring 12 credit hours of workshop, 6 credit hours of thesis completion done in students’ third year, and the remaining credit hours to be met through Form and Theory courses, the Idaho Review course, independent study, and electives in English and other fields. A book-length creative work is completed and defended during the third year.

Does Boise State feature visiting writers?
Yes! Each semester a number of visiting writers are brought to campus through the MFA Reading Series to give a public reading. Most visiting writers are in town for multiple days and students, whether at a formal reception or over informal drinks, are given time to interact and converse with them. Recent readers include Terrance Hayes, Norma Cole, Rick Bass, Forrest Gander, Tom Raworth, Joy Williams, Bhanu Kapil and more. Alice Notley will read in the Fall of 2020.


What will you be teaching?
Undergraduate CW courses

How long the program?
3 Years

Will I receive Health Insurance?
Yes. Health Insurance details here.


Is there a literary community outside of the University?
Yes. Boise is home to the Cabin Literary Center, Ghost and Projectors, Storyfort, and Sema, all of which host readings.

What kind of distractions (from writing) exist in Boise?
In addition to a thriving arts community, Boise has a lively downtown. For the outdoor enthusiast, the town features a 28-mile long walking  and biking path called the Greenbelt that runs along the Boise River, as well as an extensive system of foothills hiking trails.


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