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Faculty and Staff

Theatre Faculty

Theatre Adjunct Faculty

  • Anne Allen,
  • Teresa Focarile,
    Introduction to Theatre, Dramaturgy, Theatre History, Playwriting
  • Jessica Morris,
  • Yurek Hansen, Dance,
  • Heidi Kraay, Intro to Theatre,
  • Katie Ponozzo, Dance,
  • Tracy Sunderland,, Morrison Center Academic Wing C 106B
    Cinema History, Acting, & Introduction to Theatre
  • Jaime McLean, Dance
  • James Patrick,
  • Tony Hartshorn,
  • Allyssa Tolman, Dance

Film Faculty

  • Rulon Wood,
  • Ryan Cannon,

Film Adjunct Faculty

  • Mike Petros,
  • Lorena Davis,
  • Christopher Anderson,

Creative Writing Faculty

  • Mitchell Wieland,
  • Martin Corless-Smith,
  • Brady Udall,
  • Janet Holmes,
  • Emily Ruskovich,
  • Kerri Webster,
  • Sam McPhee, Creative Writing Academic Advising,
  • Elizabeth Gutting, Program Coordinator,

Creative Writing Adjunct Faculty

  • Ridley Pearson,
  • Kim Cross,
  • Emily Pittinos,
  • Katie Fuller,

Professional and Classified Staff

  • Margaret LeMay, Management Assistant/Advising Coordinator,
  • Kim Wilcox, Administrative Assistant II, Creative Writing Program,
  • Sam Flynn, Assistant Technical Director,
  • Grace Slaughter, Costume Studio Manager,
  • Laura Sunderlin, Technical Coordinator,